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Friday, 8 February 2013

Friday reflections - dress fitting tomorrow!


Phew....what a difference a few weeks make. This time last month I was a few weeks into the separation from my OH and today, on Friday 8th February 2013, we are on the verge of confirming our March 2013 wedding date. Who but Jesus could work such wonders? Our parents are meeting tomorrow to discuss all the details and I have my first dress fitting tomorrow too.....wooHOOOOOO!!

This morning I dropped my girls off to school and scooted off to my local town centre to see if I could get some bridal underwear. Apparently you have to wear the lingerie you will be wearing on the day, as well as the shoes you plan to wear, so the dress can be altered accurately. Thank God for Marks and Spencer is all I can say because I was in such a rush I didn't really have time to go to a lot of places, so in faith I went to M&S and I found precisely what I was looking for. A lovely attendant fitted me to double check my size (34B)...and fortunately I had a picture of my dress, so she was able to give her opinion on whether she thought the bra I chose was suitable. As soon as I picked it up I knew it was the one, and when I tried it on my thoughts were confirmed. It fit perfectly and gave me a nice shape (believe me I need all the help I can get after three kids and losing a bit of weight LOL). To add an extra layer of blessing into the mix, M&S currently have an offer where if you have a bra fitting with one of their attendants and spend over £30 on lingerie you get £5 off. I qualified for that, so I got the discount which came in super handy.

It really is all go. We've got our girls dresses and our son's suit to buy (not to mention a TON of other things), but I have seen outfits in Monsoon, M&S, John Lewis and Next which I think would work really well, the OH and I just need to confirm our colours/theme. I may even stick with the dresses I bought for the girls from Mini Mode last summer, but something tells me they lack the WOW factor...hmmmm.

The one thing I'm missing for tomorrow's fitting are my shoes. I didn't really want to rush that purchase, and I have to pick up my youngest daughter from pre-school by 11.40 am, so I think I'll just take some heels that I already have, at least that will give the seamstress an idea of height. My, My, my...I can't quite believe things are starting to fall into place the way they are. I will begin to feel more at ease when we have the date booked, but that will be in a matter of hours and anyway that is not for me to worry about because God has it all under control. Just look where He has brought me thus far?? Praise Him!!

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