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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

TRESemme Smooth Salon Silk conditioner

A few days ago I bought the New Advanced Technology TRESemme smooth salon silk conditioner especially formulated to smooth frizz and condition hair.

I am super impressed with this product so I had to write about it. My children and I have natural afro hair all varying in texture. Unlike European hair, afro hair craves water and oil to stay moisturised, shiny and healthy, something I have been learning a lot of since I transitioned to natural hair nearly 18 months ago.

I have been trying out a variety of products over the months looking for that special mix of ingredients that would leave our hair feeling clean, soft and nourished. What I have been using so far has worked well, but the quantities aren't great, so with three full heads of hair to wash, plus my lil man and the other half a 370ml bottle can quickly run out and at £3/£4 a pop it can get very expensive.

On a recent trip to Wilkinson I was pleased to see an offer they had on the new TRESemmme advanced technology range. The bottles are a generous 900ml and Wilkinson had a promotion on so the prices were £2.13 a bottle instead of the usual £4.27.

I have steered clear of TRESemme products in the past because I always thought they would be too drying for afro hair. I couldn't have been more wrong.

After looking at the Curly Nikki site and reading a post on conditioners and the ingrediants to look out for, I was pretty confident this conditioner would do the trick in nourishing and moisturising as it it contained some key ingredients such as; Cetearyl Alcohol and Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine. (These ingredients provide good slip a term used to describe how slippery a product is (usually a conditioner or detangler)... the more slip it has, the more effectively it will coat the hair to aid in detangling.)

I was due to wash my daughters hair, so I was keen to start using the conditioner straight away. After washing both heads with our usual shampoo I applied the conditioner. It was easy to apply with a creamy yet slightly runny consistency,and smelt lovely. Very fresh. Both my daughters have thick hair, so the consistency of the conditioner really helped me to cover all of their hair in no time. Once applied I combed through with a wide tooth comb to detangle and can I just say this was a breeze. The comb glided through, but of course both managed to wince every now and again. They are not the best when it comes to doing their hair. In fact they are terrible. You can read about the dramas here.

I left the conditioner on for three minutes as recommended and washed out. Both heads of hair were incredibly soft, clean and moisturised. You might take it is a given that hair should be clean as a whistle after washing and conditioning, but I have been experiencing issues with product build up in both my girls hair. Regardless of how much I would lather and rinse, residue would still remain. With this conditioner their hair was left completely clean with no residue.

After lightly patting their hair with a towel, I applied olive oil, African pride castor oil and Anita Grant's grapefruit butter whip and braided their hair.

A day later I used the conditioner and had the same great results. I have recently bought the TRESemme salon silk shampoo to accompany the conditioner because I am so pleased with the quantity and the results. I await great things.

TRESemme salon silk conditioner - What it does;

Deeply hydrates your hair, targeting the driest areas where your hair needs the most moisturisation, for a silky-smooth feel

Tames unruly frizz and flyaways - thanks to its nourishing formula and vitamin H and silk proteins

Leaves your hair looking salon smooth

Lightweight formula is ideal for daily use

This is not a review post. I just love raving about great products sometimes : )
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