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Hello there, thanks for visiting my blog. So, a bit about me; I'm Natalie and I am a Christian, committed to living by God's Word each and every day. I am a proud mother to three beautiful children and creator of The Accidental Mogul - a blog designed to channel my ambitious juices and unleash the writer within! This blog is a reflection of me, so it contains a little bit of everything. I’ll be documenting my walk with my saviour Jesus Christ, as well as my natural hair journey, I'll be writing thought provoking posts, product reviews, hosting giveaway's and of course offering up a generous dollop of everyday mummy musings. I like to hear uplifting and motivational stories, so I’ll be interviewing inspirational people when I can to encourage and inspire others. Sharing experiences is what makes life beautiful, so let's share.

Saturday, 31 March 2012

What's in a name?

I've been debating whether to share this post because I was a bit down in the dumps when I wrote it. But I've come to the conclusion that it's good to share, and my dilemma may help others in a similar situation ....possibly. Anyway....

I'm still peeved that the other half completely vetoed my name choice for our son. Ever since I was pregnant with our first child I have loved the name Luca. So when I finally scraped my jaw off the floor after finding out I was pregnant for a third time and discovering it was a boy after two girls, Luca was the name I had my heart set on.

During the course of the pregnancy we felt we should probably go with a more biblical name, not least because this little boy is a blessing, of course our two girls are without question blessings too. But with my complicated pregnancy history I never thought we'd have a son.

So we changed our minds and chose a beautiful, strong biblical first name and I wanted Luca to be his middle name;

'We're not Italian' my other half scoffed. 'It's got no meaning' were the rebuttals ... 'Whatever' I'd immaturely respond.

Fast forward a few months and when we went to register the birth of our son the better half wanted a Ghanaian middle name. Now that's fair enough because the better half is mixed race English and Ghanaian and our girls have got two middle names, one of them Ghanaian - representing the day of the month they were born, so we'd have the same for our son, no issue?

Well there was an issue he only wanted one middle name and it had to be Ghanaian. No Luca for me. Looking back I feel like I was completely bullied into the decision, especially since I'd only given birth a few weeks before and my hormones were still all over the place so I didn't have the strength to argue my corner as I usually would.

Now here I am yearning for Luca , but what's in a name? Am I being silly? We have a beautiful healthy boy but this issue still keeps playing on my mind at unexpected intervals making me feel annoyed and sad. Mainly because I felt so powerless at the time.

Have you ever experienced being railroaded into something when you're at your most vulnerable only to regret it later?

Friday, 30 March 2012

I wish I was told....

The blog legend that is Natural Belle is pregnant (Congratulations Belle), and she asked everyone on twitter this week to let her know the good, the bad and the ugly of pregnancy and child birth. Well I jumped at the chance of giving my two pence worth. 

Of course each woman has a completely different take on this amazing and life changing experience. But her request really got me thinking about what I wish I was told before becoming pregnant and giving birth to my precious babies.

So here's my top ten wish list.
I should have read a manual.
Image from tnj.com
1) I wish I was told that contrary to popular belief I would not stop experiencing all day sickness at the 12 or 20 week stages, no siiireee. I would feel as sick as dog from around 8 weeks pregnant until up to a day or so after I'd given birth IN ALL THREE of my pregnancies. Yuk!!

2) I wish I was told that my all day sickness would be accompanied by the worst taste in my mouth EVER, it's simply indescribable. This awful taste will never go away (again until after birth) regardless of how many mints, boiled sweets, jalapeño peppers, olives, ice cubes, lemons I'd shove into my gob.

3) Crunching on copious amounts of ice will be the most satisfying thing EVER. It will also help to numb the yucky taste buds for a little while (yep I'm referring to that nasty taste in the mouth again)

4) You will be so tearful and tired at times you'll feel like you have a split personality.

5) Once your waters break you will not have several hours to potter about and get yourself together. Birth is imminent and by that I mean baby is coming in the next 20 minutes.

6) Gas and air is your best friend of all time.

7) Your births will be so quick you will not have time to blink.

8) When your milk comes in, your boobs will resemble two over inflated balloons. They will be as hard as rocks and so painful you'll not even be able to brush a feather past them without crying, screaming or wincing in pain. Or all three.

9) The first few weeks of sleepless nights are not too bad. Adrenalin gets you through. After that it is torture as you cling onto your sanity whilst trying to survive on only three hours of constantly interrupted sleep a night.

10) If you're on your second, third....etc, etc baby after pains will knock you for six and have you wishing you were in labour again. Well at least that pain produces a beautiful baby at the end of it. Although let's face it, you can't knock the uterus for just doing it's job and I guess the flattish tummy afterwards makes it all worthwhile. Well just about.....

So that's it, that's my take on my pregnancy and childbirth experience and the things that took me by surprise.

How does your experience compare and what things took you by surprise?

Thursday, 29 March 2012

The long and short of it..

Image from guardian.co.uk

I've been starting to think that my blog posts are a bit too long.

I like to write and when I've got stuff to say, I  want to get it all down and say it. But maybe I could a bit more succinct in my approach?

I must admit when I'm reading other blogs I like a variety of short posts and long ones, sometimes a topic warrants a lengthy write up, others not so much.

Think I'm going to dedicate next week to shorter blog posts (no more than 4 paragraphs or 250 words 3 paragraphs and 150 words - let's make it interesting) and see how I get on.

It'll be sod's law that I'll have a lot to say next week so I might end up changing my mind, but I'll try.

Which do you prefer to read long posts or short?

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

At the school gates

Image from ramsbottom-metalwork.com

My eldest daughter doesn't even start school until September and already I'm feeling anxiety about all the unsavoury characters we'll encounter. And I'm not talking about fellow pupils, but fellow parents of the aggressive and gobby variety...

I picked up my nephew from school today and my heart sank to hear the inane drivel spouting from what can only be described as ignorant mouths.

'If they hit you, hit em back, I don't care what the teacher says, just send 'em to me and I'll sort 'em out.' Barked a big, burly dad.

I cringed at the endless aggressive chatter, as his sidekicks chipped in with their words of agreement, encouraging the heated conversation. He was being so loud and indiscreet, every little ear could hear is every single angry word.

'...that's what my dad told me to do when I was a kid and it never did me no harm...' he gabbled on.

Now I'm all for children sticking up for themselves, but surely there is a way this can be achieved without instigating full blown fisticuffs in the playground.

I know the world can be a harsh place, but if we encourage our children to participate in aggressive behaviour towards eachother, then aren't we simply perpetuating the very environment we want to protect them from?

If I'm honest I just wish everybody was nice and we all got along, but that's a pretty naive stance to take.

Growing up I had my fair share of  of playground bullies. I was raised in a predominantly white area in Essex. My siblings and I made up a very small number of black children in our school, I was the only black girl in my year group throughout my entire school life. This difference undoubtedly saw us become the target for some negative behaviour.

At four I was slapped in the face for telling a girl I had a goldfish.  What's that all about?When I told my mum she was livid and warned me to never let anybody put their hands on me again. I wasn't encouraged to hit anyone back, but there was a change in me that is hard to explain, so from that day onwards no one ever did ....well apart from the time when I was nine and a girl who was a black belt in karate punched me in the mouth for no apparent reason or the horrid boy down the road who punched me in the stomach and ran off, leaving me crying and winded.

These were all terrible incidents at the time, but they haven't scarred me for life and my parents taught me to stick up for myself and they'd inform the school of these episodes too.

Although I am none the worse for my experiences I don't want my children to go through anything like this. I know times are different and racism isn't as overt as when I was at school, but I will be firmly teaching my children the art of confidence, by walking tall, holding their little heads high and using an assertive voice whenever talking with anyone. I will also tell them that if anyone ever touches them they must ALWAYS tell mummy or daddy as well as another adult if we are not around at the time, so the aggressor will never get away with their unacceptable actions. I'm sure there will be many more lessons learnt along the way too, but this is as good a start as any.

How do you teach your children to stick up for themselves?

Monday, 26 March 2012


Image from thedoublethink.com
Since being made redundant nearly two months ago, I'm starting to adapt to life as a stay at home mum. If I am honest the prospect is still scaring the living daylights out of me.

It's not that I don't want to be at home with my children, because I do. What I worry about  is my increasing lack of identity and the financial implications.

I've worked since I was 16 - part time jobs when I was in the sixth form and university, then full time once I graduated. For 16 years I've earned my own money and paid my own way, so not having a salary going into my account at the end of every month is giving me the jitters.

I had an OK redundancy package and I know how to spend and save in equal measure so that helps a lot. But I can't help feeling stressed that I will have to depend on my fiance for all things money orientated. I know our current situation will not last for ever, but it's still hard to adjust to all the same.

When I am asked what my occupation is, the reply leaves me feeling flat - 'unemployed, stay at home mum'. The look on the face of the person who has asked  always seems to be that of complete nonchalance. They really couldn't care less about this all consuming job I am undertaking.

I've been so used to responding with the words; 'Account manager, Advertising Manager, Marketing Executive' over the years, I used to feel a sense of pride when sharing these titles, even though the work was less than desirable at times. Now here I am doing the most important job in the world ever, and I am embarrassed by the title associated.

What is going on?

I know how I'm feeling is everything to do with me and nothing to do with anyone else, but I can't help but think that society places very little importance or value on stay at home parents and I often feel reluctant to declare that this is who I am right now. These days I am trying my hardest to dip my toes into as many different little projects as possible, to give myself a variety of things to focus on and keep my brain stimulated.

Starting this blog has been one of the best things I have done. The possibilities are endless and the fact that I am able to pour my thoughts, be as creative as I want and meet fabulous people all at the same time, is the icing on the cake. It is exactly what I have been looking for, for so long. Cyber space rocks!

So onwards and upwards I suppose. I'm sure that in time I'll find a way to earn a living and look after my children. Already there are so many little things in the pipeline that leave me thoroughly excited just thinking about them.

And of course there are my three wonderful little bubba's who make each and every day worthwhile. I'm so blessed to be a mother, but it's sad that I sometimes take for granted how privileged I am to be able to be at home with my little ones in their formative years.

Note to self - I must be more thankful for what I have and not stress about what I have not...

What things are you adapting to lately?

Friday, 23 March 2012

Seven years

Seven years ago today I met my beautiful man. I don't want to get too schmaltzy here, but along with the birth of our children he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Yes we have our ups and downs but nothing in life is perfect. He's pretty close though.

I will have to write a post about how we met at some point, but in the meantime I will leave you with a photo of us on our first ever holiday together, to the Dominican Republic, when we were in the first flourishes of our relationship.

Here are a selection of others too.

Daddy and our eldest at Centre Parcs
Our little family on holiday in Jamaica. I was pregnant with baby number two
Daddy and eldest posing in lovely Eastbourne. One of our favourite places in the UK
Daddy and our three lovely children in Batley Park West Yorkshire

Too my gorgeous boo. I love you.
By this time next year WE WILL be planning for the real thing.

Happy anniversary xxx

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Mother's Day MEME

This meme has been created by Loretta over at More Than A Mum as a way of celebrating motherhood in the run up to Mother’s Day. I've been tagged by the wonderful Kate at the Makeshift Mummy blog.  In nearly 4 months of blogging, Kate is proving to be a great blogging friend. She really is lovely, so without further ado here is my response;

Image from eatatyoyos.com

Describe Motherhood in three words.
Amazing, fulfilling, Challenging

Does your experience differ from your Mother’s – how?
My mum and I have had very similar experiences. She suffered several miscarriages before she went on to have four healthy children in 4 and a half years. I lost four pregnancies, one at 20 weeks (completely devastating and traumatic doesn't even begin to cover it), but then went on on to have three beautiful healthy children, one after the other within 3 and a half years. My mum and I are proof that miracles do happen, but I can honestly say I'll be stopping at three unlike my brave parents.

Being a mum is hard work. And it is only since becoming a stay at home mum that I really can appreciate why my mum was so short tempered with us at times. I now completely get it and I am totally the same. I am with my children all day everyday, so I don't get the break from them that being at work provided, but saying that when I worked full time there were things I really disliked about that too, so no situation is ever perfect.

What’s the hardest thing about being a mum? 
I am finding that extreme tiredness can really play havoc with your patience. But I'm trying to take a deep breath and count to ten before I start shouting. Discipline is also tricky, because I want to be firm, but I also want to fair. It's hard when the children don't listen and you have to constantly repeat yourself, but techniques like the naughty step, counting to ten or taking away treats really work for me. 

Although tantrums do still happen I've come to realise that as a parent every child rearing stage brings with it it's own unique challenges. From baby, to toddler, to pre-teen to teen, to young adult, all are rife with issues that all need to be faced and overcome.

What’s the best thing?
Watching them sleeping and seeing how beautiful and peaceful they are.

I also love it when as a family we are away on a break or when we go out somewhere for the day. Seeing them running free with their dad, laughing and enjoying themselves always make my heart leap. I want their childhood's to be littered with memeories of happiness, laughter and fun times.

How has it changed you?
I feel like I finally have a purpose. Before having children I was always dissatisfied with what I had achieved in my life. Although I was doing OK in my career I always felt like my potential hadn't been maximised. With the birth of my children came the feeling of immense pride. I have helped bring three precious lives into the world who I am responsible for raising and moulding in preparation for the day when they have to go out and make their own stamp in this world.

What do you hope for your children?
To have a relationship with God and to believe that through him all things are possible. I want them to be happy and healthy and make the most of every opportunity that comes their way. I also want them to know that they can always come to me with any issue they may have, no matter how big or small.

What do you fear for them?

I try my hardest not to be fearful for my children, because life is hard enough without worrying all the time. But if I allow my mind to wander, I do worry if anything was to happen to them or their dad or I. Putting my faith in God does take away a lot of my worry as I place all my troubles on him as I know he will take care of my burdens.

What makes it all worthwhile?
Watching them grow into fine young, intelligent individuals. I often feel that what they say and do has very little to do with their dad and I and everything to do with who they are as little people. They'll come out with words and expressions which we have never explained to them and yet they know what it means or say things in the right context, that always amazes me.
I also love hearing them when they are in fits of giggles. That is the best. It is music to my ears.

As its a bit late now, I won't be tagging anyone else, but if you want to take part then please go ahead, I'd love to read your responses.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

5 reason I know I'm a mum of three

To cheer me up after my moody post - I'm joining in with this week's listography courtesy of fab40foibles.You can join in too just write your post and add the link to the linky on Kate takes 5 blog. Easy peasy.

So I've decided to base my 5 reasons on being a mum of three. It's the first thing that came to mind and it gave me a much needed giggle too.

Image from ableafstudio.co.uk
1) I no longer call my children by their correct name's. Each child gets called the name of the other. Even my son gets called by his sisters name's often and vice versa. Too many thoughts, too little sleep, too many children, too many names.

2) I no longer really care who wears what. When I only had one child, all clothes were age and colour appropriate. Now my son unfortunately wears his sisters hand me downs. It's a good thing he can carry off pink. I've had to draw the line at t-shirts, coats and cardigans, but I've been very, very tempted. My middle child although nearly three is still being squeezed into some of her 18-24 month clothes - oh the shame.

3) My son's bottles, and baby bits stopped being sterilised when he was almost 4 months old. Compared to my daughters who had everything sterilised until way past they were one. He is none the worse for it. The days and hours I wasted sterilising flippin bottles and dummies. *rolls eyes*

4) My son co-sleeps with us often and I don't bat an eyelid because I know it will not last forever. With my eldest this fact stressed me  out immensely as I thought I would be creating big problems for us later on.  You can imagine the sheer joy when not only our eldest but also our middle daughter slept in their own beds with no problems from around 13 months. To this day they both sleep 12 hours straight and I've never looked back. I am now fervently counting down the months for baby boy to follow suit. Please God.

5) It is cause for mass celebration if a trip out can take place without incident. In my experience, venturing out is nearly always a stressful occasion. There is always one child who will not co-operate and will invariably have a meltdown.  I have learnt to grin a bare it and just get on with it.

I could carry on forever with this one but I suppose I must stop there.

So if you want to share your 5 reasons of whatever takes your fancy then just link up on Kate's blog here

Running on empty

Sorry about the whiny post, but I really need to vent.

Lately I've been feeling beyond exhausted. I am run down, lacklustre, fed up, pitiful  and  somewhat uninspired. I know this is just another one of life's  little blips but it's still hard to go through.

I've got yet ANOTHER cold, and a sore throat is looming I can feel it.

Barbados beach club.
This is where I need to be RIGHT NOW!

Think I need to love on myself a little bit and indulge in a some heavy duty pampering.

Ooh what I would give to be lounging on a beach right now, feeling the sun on my skin, inhaling the fresh salty air, looking up at the clearest blue skies. Resting, relaxing, recuperating......Oh holiday where are you??

My batteries need recharging.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Everything but the kitchen sink

I need to scatter my floors with this bunch of loveliness.
Tasty, edible and all of the five a day. Image
from healthylifecarenews.com
What is it with babies and things that are not edible, ending up in their mouth's?

I used to scoff at overbearing, yet well meaning individuals, who'd tell me to watch my babies at all times in case they snuck something past their lips they were not supposed to.

My daughters from what I can remember were pretty disinterested in this annoying yet potentially dangerous pastime.They were quite happy to pootle about taking in their surroundings, leaving things alone and generally being quite tame. Yes they would crawl up to the TV and the sky box and have a little tinker again and again and again and again. But that was about the extent of it.

My son on the other hand seems to relish putting every single little thing under the sun into his little mouth. I am forever clearing away, and keeping things out of his reach, but my boy has microscopic vision. He sees the tiniest flecks and you name it, it's going in. Tissue, pieces of paper, sweet wrappers, pieces of bamboo from a sun hat, pieces of food and crumbs dropped on the floor by my older kids, cotton buds, slippers, toothbrushes, remote controls, my glasses, pens, pencils, chalk, crayons. Nothing is safe.

Half of the stuff I don't know how he finds, but with two older daughters I don't have to think for too long. I've constantly got my fingers in his mouth trying to fish out yet another random tit bit he's managed to sneak past me.

It's starting to freak me out a bit and I'm watching him like a hawk because he really will eat anything it seems.

So despite my initial misgivings it looks like the last laugh is on me. Some babies will put everything in their mouth's, despite your best efforts to keep everything out of reach...

...oooh no must dash. baby is eating daddy's sock....again...yuck!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Launderette bliss

Image from launderettesigns.com
Is it just me or does anyone else find it utterly relaxing to sit in the launderette?

I think I may be a little strange because I absolutely love going to my local and drying sackfuls of freshly washed clothes.

As soon as I walk through the shiny glass door a calmness envelops me. Maybe it's a combination of the fresh scent of washing powder, the gentle whirring of appliances and the fact that I'm about to accomplish (yet again), the endless household chore that is laundry, but I just love the way being in that little place makes me feel. Settled and at ease.

As I sit opposite the giant washer on its final spin. The rhythmic din clears my head and sends me into another space and time. Of course there are other people at the launderette too, but I am so at one with myself I don't even notice them and I am sure they must feel the same.
It's just me in the hazy world of laundrette bliss. No other half, no children, no distractions, just me and my thoughts and the giant washing machines and tumble dryers, cleansing stubborn stains, turning soggy and wet into dry, fluffy and warm, forgetting worries, co-existing peacefully. Hmmm must go more often...

Image from kentonline.co.uk 

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A is for ahhh

Image from izyanadiah.blogspot.com
I've been tagged again by the lovely Charlotte at The crumby mummy blog. This time to do an alphabet meme. Sounded like fun so I thought why not? I won't be tagging other bloggers this time, but if you want to take part feel free to do so.

Here are the rules. I think I've broken them. Ooops:

Using each letter of the alphabet you have to give one word that describes you.  Pretty straightforward right?

A is for ahhhh which is the sound I often make when I've put all three of my children to bed for the night.

B is for best. I try and be the best at whatever I turn my hand to.

C is for custard. I love it out of the tin with some cherry pie or apple crumble. I really want to make my own custard one day. Just to find the time and motivation...it's easy enough to make.

D is for ducks. I love to take a stale loaf of bread and feed the ducks with my kids. So simple but so much fun.

E is for entertainment. I enjoy going to music gigs and hearing a live performance.

F  is for family. So precious.

G is for grateful, for what I have.

H is for happy to be me.

I is for independent. Yep that's me.

J is for joker, one of my most used words.

K is for kind an important trait to have.

L is for laughing. Nothing is better than a side aching, breath catching, tears falling, good old chuckle.

M is for mummy the most important role I've ever had the honour to have.

N is for nonsense. I don't enjoy people who speaks lots of it.

O is for organised. At work yes. At home not so much, although I do try.

P is for prayer. Which I must do more of. Prayer lifts my spirits always.

Q is for quiet. I like it when all is silent and I can hear my own thoughts for a while. Very rare these days.

R is romantic. I love a bit of romance and I'm lucky my fiancé always surprises me with a healthy serving of it every now and then.....

S is for smile. I often get told that I have a great one *blush*

T is for teeth. I have a thing about teeth and I love mine. *modest*

U is for understanding. I always try and empathise with others.

V is for victorious. There have been times I've been so stuck in a rut I've felt there was no way out, but the good Lord always makes a way and in the end I am victorious.

W is for wedding. I hope to have mine in 2013. (Come on already.)

X is for xtravagent which I am not, but sometimes, only sometimes I wish I was.

Y is for yes. I want to say YES a bit more to my children. But I'm a bit scared. Lol

Z is for zzzzz. I wish I could get more sleep....*sob*

So that's it. If you want to take part then please go ahead. It's really quite fun.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Nappy bag woes

I need a big bag like this methinks.
Image from dinodirect.com
No matter how hard I try my nappy bag is always a disorganised mess. It is filled to the brim with things I really don't need, but I've convinced myself that I do.

Of course it should contain the essentials I need to survive when I'm out with my three small children. But items just get thrown in, often in a mad rush. So everything shambles together making it impossible to find ANYTHING, EVER!!

This morning I was rooting around the bag for vaseline to put on my middle child's chaffed nose. Could I find it? Of course not, despite seeing it yesterday.

So I end up doing the inevitable. Emptying out the dreaded bag and this is the list of the contents that were found:

2 head scarves for me???
1 pair of leather gloves mine
A bundle of tissues
My purse
2 muslin cloths
1 odd sock
7 bibs
2 burp clothes
1 pair mittens
A sandwich bag containing two crackers
2 virtually empty tubes of nappy cream without the lids
A box of bickiepegs for my teething son which contained two bickies

A pair of my eldest daughter's dirty socks
2 pairs of scratch mittens
Numerous odd/single scratch mittens???
1 pot of fruit purée
3 baby spoons
4 medicine syringes (so that's where they've all be hiding)
1 empty packet of chocolate buttons
6 pens (no wonder I can never find one when I need one)
A bottle of calpol
1 new born hat. (Why? My baby is nearly nine months)
A mini etch a sketch. (Don't ask)
2 sanitary towels (sorry if tmi. They of course were wrapped in their little package)
1 pack of painkillers for me
A selection of hair bands and hair clips
2 pots of vapour rub???
1 nappy (the one thing the bag is actually designed for conatins the least of...)

After all of that, of course I didn't find the vaseline. Typical. But at least now I know why I can never close the pesky thing, too much useless toot. I will have a thorough declutter today and will return with a lean, mean nappy bag which only contains items of use.

Yeah right!!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Tiny talker

Think 'll need to buy this for a certain
Image from englishchinashop.com

Please someone tell me. How on earth do you cope with a child who asks a million questions a day and just doesn't stop talking?

My eldest daughter is four, and already, at this tender age she could talk the hind legs off a donkey and it's driving me a little bit potty.

Of course she is my daughter and the apple of my eye, but I'm certain her constant chattering is on another level. Not to mention rubbing off onto her little sis, who has started to gain momentum in the chatterbox stakes too.

As soon as she wakes she's nattering away, asking endless questions, it doesn't seem to stop. I know inquisitiveness is the way children learn, but my daughter asks question upon question upon question and I'm getting to the point where I don't have any more answers. I don't remember my siblings or I being this chatty when we were kids.

Maybe I'm just being a meanie, but I'm sure others are starting to notice how much she has to say and how many questions she asks. It's like a Spanish inquisition and I've noticed eyes beginning to glaze over once she gets going.

Take a conversation she had with her daddy this morning;

Tiny talker: 'Daddy why do you never have breakfast at home?'

Daddy: 'Because I'm always in a rush.'

Tiny talker: 'Why are you always in a rush?'

Daddy: 'Because I'm a busy bee.'

Tiny talker: 'Why are you a busy bee?'

Daddy: 'Because bees are busy making honey and they go bzzz, and I'm busy working too.'

Tiny talker: 'Why do bees make honey and why are they busy...?'

Daddy: 'Because that's what God made them to do.'

Tiny talker: 'Why did God do that?'

Daddy at this point is probably at a complete loss and trying to think of ways he can leave the house without having to give another answer.

As you can see these conversations tend to go on and on and when you're a busy parent who has a million and one things to do, it's hard to keep your concentration long enough to indulge in the great 'Why' debate.

My sister has decided that if there are too many 'Why's', she'll just reply 'Z'.

This has my daughter in fits of giggles and satisfies her curiosity for a short while. I think
I'm going to start using this approach too. It has to be better than; 'I don't know' or a pained sigh lol...

Do you have a super talkative child? What do you do to keep sane?

Monday, 5 March 2012

Lego Duplo creative cakes

My girls were complaining they were bored. Luckily for them I have just been invited by LEGO DUPLO to sit on their 2012 blogger panel. Very exciting! So when the new LEGO DUPLO creative cakes set arrived it was greeted with whoops of delight and great big smiles.

'Yay! Lego for girls.' My youngest exclaimed. 'Exciting!' beamed my eldest.

I opened the box and immediately they got stuck in. A silence descended over the house as they began sorting the pieces into little piles. The colours are gorgeous. The pretty yellows, pinks, greens and browns compliment each other nicely and mimic the lush cakey treats that children (and most adults) love so much.

My daughters immediately began building towers stacking each colourful brick on top of another, finishing off with candles, meringue and cake toppers. I got involved after leaving them to play for a little bit on their own and together we began to make the cute little cake creations as illustrated on the box. Their excitement and amazement at all the bright pieces was infectious.

The following day we revisited the set and the girls got more creative. 'Mummy look at this an aeroplane' my eldest daughter exclaimed. And it certainly looked like one by the way she had arranged the pieces. I was impressed with her creativity and imagination. 'Look Mummy there is fire under the plane' as she pointed at the red blocks she had stacked the 'aeroplane' on.

My youngest built colourful towers. Counting the bricks and naming the colours as she went I've even gained an insight into her exacting ways, as every thing she made was beautifully symmetrical.

This set is providing my girls with hours of fun and it is super durable, as LEGO DUPLO always is. They are loving making and breaking their creations then making them up again. It most definitely brings out their creative side and encouraged their imaginations to run wild. Their concentration as they co-ordinated the different colours and added the pretty, cakey extras was a pleasure to watch.

I've often thought LEGO DUPLO sets to be more aimed towards boys, what with the blues and greens and male orientated figurines, but this cake set, along with all the beautiful colours completely took me by surprise and my girls absolutely loved it. I also found out that LEGO and DUPLO are completely interchangeable and fix together perfectly with eachother.

This set is definitely an all round winner, even my eight year old nephew got involved and enjoyed himself when he came over to play. You can even store the pieces in the box provided (although I do wish it was plastic rather than cardboard, because our box has been sat on a few times and no longer resembles a box lol). My girls and I really enjoyed this set and as a matter of fact we're off right now to build some more wonderful towery, cakey, areoplaney, creations.....

To find out more about this great set and more LEGO DUPLO products just click here

This is a review post. All opinions expressed are my own.

Friday, 2 March 2012


Image from connortomas.com 
I have a confession. I'm not proud about it but I am the type of mum who Sshhh's her children quite a lot. 

It's not that I don't like them to play and make noise, it's just that there is only so much screaming, shouting, singing and banging I can handle before I start to feel like I am losing my mind. I often try to nip noise making in the bud because all too often it goes from happy and playful to crying and squabbling. It can be highly frustrating. 

I am finding that when we go out people seem to fall into two camps. Those that look on with disdain if your children are being loud, tantruming and generally running amok and those who embrace it as just kids being kids. I had an experience of the latter yesterday.


I was out with the children and my soon to be mum in law. We visited a lovely little church tea room and sat down for tea and cupcakes. When we arrived it was empty but slowly it began to fill with lovely old aged pensioners, no doubt meeting up to enjoy a quiet cuppa and a natter. It was at this moment my baby decides to practice his babbling skills. "Baba dada dada mama", he garbled at the top of his voice. Quickly my daughters joined in, adding a extra layer of volume to the ever increasing din.

"Ssshhh, sssh, sssh" I hissed, worried what the room of people mostly in their 80's must have been thinking. Then out of nowhere an elderly lady stopped me in my tracks and set about telling me; "Leave them, their singing". "They've got voices, let them sing" she turned to the children "Go on use your voices." 

I felt ashamed, because what the lovely old lady said was true. They really weren't doing any harm and kids will be kids.I think there is a fine line between letting your children express themselves and letting them run wild, but sometimes I think I am forever trying to keep my children in line because I don't want anyone else to do it for me. I don't want anyone to think badly of my children or their dad and I so I try to raise them to be mindful of others and be well behaved in public. Maybe I've been taking it a bit too far and need to relax a little, after all they don't stay small for long and if a couple of 80 year olds can put up with a bit of a din then I'm sure I can. 

Have you learnt anything about yourself lately through someone else's actions?
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