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Monday, 16 April 2012

We've got a date!!!

So I had 'the talk' with the fiancé and can you believe it? He is totally on board with getting married next year and already has lots of ideas for the wedding (just another, in a long list of reasons why I love him so). It's amazing. It seems he was just waiting on me to give the nod. 

See what I mean about being too exhausted and sidetracked to communicate properly? 

In short he is raring to go too....*gasps excitedly for breath*. 

I must confess he's always said he could get a venue and sort out catering. Unfortunately I would usually switch off at this point, naughty me. What he would suggest never quite sounded like what I had in mind, or maybe I just wasn't ready to receive it, what with being perpetually pregnant, working, pre-occupied....

Well I am more than ready to receive now and everything this man of mine plans or puts his mind to always turns out brilliantly.  I'm getting excited.... Finally there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I am getting married to the man of my dreams (sorry for the outpouring of shmultz) in Spring 2013 and I couldn't be happier. Now time to start planning. First things first let's get the date saved and the church and reception venue booked...... *beams*

I've been having a snoop online and found some gorgeous ideas, so here's a sneaky peak at Our  My (haven't shown the OH yet) wedding look book. Just throwing some ideas out there, no matter how big or small, and seeing if anything sticks...got to start somewhere.

This church is stunning.

Liking the different shades of grey.
Loving the close cut and fit of this suit.

Great cut and colour. Would compliment my OH's complexion nicely.

Our girls would look gorgeous in these dresses.

I could just see our li'l man in this pageboy outfit. 
Completely handsome.

Loving these stunning white roses - stleonardsflowers.co.uk

I have a thing for these rings with your fingerprints inside.
So unique and personal.

Loving these fun yet romantic wedding invites.

Simply says it all.

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