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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Why? Why? Why?

This meme has cropped up a number of times on various fab blogs courtesy of Mummy Central and the responses have always made me chuckle like a fool. 

Basically parents share the pain which is inquisitive children and the amount of times that dreaded question 'why?' is asked. In my household it's a bazillion times *bangs head slowly and repeatedly against wall.*

This meme turns the tables on the children and provides them with a list of ‘Whys’ from exasperated parents. Genius. Despite not receiving a formal invitation I had to be involved. This one is frankly too good to miss. Time to unleash the frustration.

Right then.....

Why despite buying a gazillion pairs of children's socks can I never seem to find a matching pair ?

Why is it that as soon as we are as far as we possibly can be from a toilet, does one child then desperately need to go?

Why must I repeat myself continuously then resort to shouting like a mad women before anyone does as they are told?

Why does no one ever listen? (connected to previous question).

Why must my middle child find every excuse in the book when it comes to bedtime, yet falls asleep at the drop of a hat during even the shortest of car journeys?

Why must my girls strip all their dolls of ALL their clothes ALL OF THE TIME?

Why must brand new books get torn?

Why when one of the children asks to play a game on my iPhone, must some other random app or weird screen I have never seen before be presented to me a mere two minutes later?

Why must my one  year old son follow me around with his hands gripped around my legs, making walking impossible and often pulling down my jeans/skirt/trousers in the process?

Why does my son decide to constantly turn the TV on and off just as we are getting into a interesting programme?

Why when my girls have moaned for hours about wanting to go out, do they moan about being tired, legs hurting, needing the toilet, being hungry as soon as we get out?

Why must my son pull every single wet wipe out of the packet?

Why must my girls always remember something I've promised them, but conveniently forget when I've asked them to do something?

Why must my youngest daughter beg me to buy her ice cream, when I know she'll waste it, swear blind she'll eat it all up, then take two licks and expect me to finish it?

Why does my eldest talk for England when I want her to be quiet, yet become as quiet as a mouse when I most want her to talk?

Why must my heart melt when I watch my three beautiful children sleeping, even after the most chaotic/stressful/hideous of days?

Come on then kids. ANSWERS PLEASE!!!

If you've got a list of questions you'd like to ask your children, why not join in with the linky over at the Mummy Central blog? It's a laugh.
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