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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Dr Organics - Tea Tree Shampoo

I haven't been asked to write about this product, so this is not technically a review, but I simply had to share with you all, this fabulous shampoo I bought from Holland and Barrett at the weekend.

My son had really bad cradle cap from the age of two months. My daughters never had it so when I first started seeing the thick, scaly crust forming, I thought slathering his scalp in oil, brushing out the flakes and using cradle cap shampoo would solve the problem. It didn't. The cradle cap although somewhat improved was still visible. His scalp was always dry and red and he would constantly scratch it until it bled, this was despite me constantly spritzing with water and olive oil several times a day.

I've been searching high and low to find a product that would alleviate his symptoms. So I was chuffed to bits when I came across the Dr organics range in Holland and Barrett. The range is free from harsh chemicals and parabens and is also fragrance and preservative free. There are a number of different products within the range, but I thought I'd try the tea tree shampoo, especially since tea tree has healing properties. It's not cheap at £5.39 for a 265 ml bottle, but at this stage I was willing to do what it takes to give my little boy some peace from the endless itching and scratching brought on by all the dryness on his scalp.

Let me tell you it's one of the best decisions I've made. I used the shampoo that same evening and because he is little, I only used a pea sized amount. Straight after rinsing I could see the results.  His scalp was clearer and didn't look red and angry. I moisturised his head with olive oil as I usually would and the dryness has virtually gone. He's hardly even scratching anymore and that's only after two days. I am super impressed so I had to tell you all about it. If you are experiencing something similar maybe it could work for you or your little ones too. Click here to visit the Holland and Barrett website.

....Oh and if you celebrate it, Happy Valentines day!! x
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