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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Dr Organics - Virgin olive oil face scrub and day cream

I have started using the Dr Organics face scrub and day cream and I have to say it is glorious.

I particularly love this range because of all the natural ingredients and general loveliness. My old face cream had yucky parabens, which are chemicals that are used to preserve many different types of cosmetics and toiletry products. It is thought that parabens cause certain types of cancers. So I'm choosing to steer clear of them and use hair products, toiletries and cosmetics which do not contain this potentially harmful chemical.

I first came across the Dr Organics range in Holland and Barrett a few months ago when I started using the tea tree shampoo for my little boy. A few days ago I discovered additional products in the range. I've been on the look out for new face creams and scrubs and I liked the look of the ingredients, so I thought I'd give them a try. The scrub was £6.19 and the day cream £8.19, so the prices aren't the cheapest. 

I started using the day cream straight away. It left my skin feeling really soft and supple without feeling greasy. It also gave my face a nice glow. The cream has a very lovely, subtle scent too. It doesn't smell much like olive oil which isn't necessarily a bad thing, although I do love using olive oil straight out of the bottle on mine and my children's hair and skin.

I used the face scrub for the first time this morning and I was very impressed with it. Face scrubs I've used in the past have often felt harsh and overly scratchy with a scent which left a lot to be desired. The granules in this scrub do not feel too abrasive and the creamy consistency makes application easy. My skin was left feeling super soft and invigorated. After rinsing I applied the day cream and I was totally fresh faced and ready to begin my day. Fabulous.

It is early days but I'm really pleased with these products so far and I would definitely recommend them.

This isn't a review post. It's simply me sharing the products I find, use and enjoy, with you : )
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