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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Beautiful Bournemouth

We ventured down to the South Coast last Tuesday. For ages Alex had spoken about wanting to take the kids to Peppa Pig world and since he had a few days off of work we seized the opportunity.

We reached Hampshire about 3.30pm ish, too late to make the most of the theme park, so the Mr made the fantastic decision to pop down to Bournemouth. I was not convinced at first, it's been cold and dreary, so why go to the seaside? Well I was left eating my words.

Tuesday was an exceptionally sunny day and the 30 minute drive from our hotel in Hampshire to Bournemouth passed quickly. When we got there to my surprise it wasn't ridiculously cold, but sunny and bright. The sound of the sea, coupled with the beautiful sandy beach and clear blue skies completed lifted my spirits, it took me completely by surprise and was so unexpected. I don't think I realised how much the insanely cold, dank weather had been affecting me.

So we meandered along the seafront, the girls went on a trampoline which they loved whilst I helped the little man walk along a wall. Then we had a Harry Ramsden fish and chip supper on the beach whilst the kids dipped their toes in the icy water and played in the cold sand. They had a complete blast.

After, we walked along the beautiful Bournemouth pier and took in the breathtaking views of the horizon. My phone battery died some moments prior so I was unable to capture the moment, but it will forever stay in my heart.

Our impromptu trip to Bournemouth made me realise exactly how tough the past few months have been. Just being able to enjoy the simply beauty of nature and bask in God's creation blessed me in abundance. The Lord always shows me His unending love, grace and mercy when I need it most. Thank you Father.

On a separate note the weather went Baltic the next day, so Peppa Pig world, although excellent was freezing. We will most certainly go again in the summer (watch out for the post), where hopefully we will be able to experience it's fun fabulousness in the warmth and brightness of the summer sun.

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