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Monday, 13 August 2012


Several days ago I witnessed something horrible. It is something I know goes on in this world but to encounter it first hand was pretty depressing.

The OH's mum came over for her weekly visit so we took the children to the park. On our way back home we were feeding the ducks and looking for fish in the lake when I noticed a young woman in the far corner of the park close to some weeping willow bushes. She was sitting close to the river bank, slumped over. I thought she had passed out so I alerted my mother in law who went over to investigate as I watched the children. We were concerned, because she seemed lifeless and she had her handbag and other belongings randomly dotted around her.

As we got closer a man, no less than 60 (I say 60 because he was greying quite a bit and just had an elderly way about him. He was probably closer to 70), seemed to walk towards her too. My mother in law spotted him and asked if he thought the young lady was alright. He didn't respond. He simply looked straight ahead, shrugged his shoulders and walked into the bushes behind the 'out of it' young woman. At that point she jolted up, her wig falling off in the process. I would have laughed if what happened next wasn't so disturbing. As she roused from her haze she looked up to where the man had walked and proceeded to follow him into the bushes.

At that moment it clicked and my skin crawled. She must have been a prostitute and the old man her client. It was 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Children were riding around on their bikes and scooters. Mum's, dad's and grandparents were feeding the ducks with their little ones, and not even a stones throw away this seedy little world was unravelling, no longer confined to the latest of nights and earliest of mornings.

It made me feel so sad, helpless and a little bit angry that this woman lives a life where she has to (or is maybe forced) to sell her body. She obviously had some kind of drug habit too. I know it's mostly speculation on my part, but deep down I knew that the situation was an unsavoury one. It was a sorry scene. For the rest of the afternoon there were a whole array of disturbing scenarios that bombarded my thoughts.

Why must the world we live in be like this?

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