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Hello there, thanks for visiting my blog. So, a bit about me; I'm Natalie and I am a Christian, committed to living by God's Word each and every day. I am a proud mother to three beautiful children and creator of The Accidental Mogul - a blog designed to channel my ambitious juices and unleash the writer within! This blog is a reflection of me, so it contains a little bit of everything. I’ll be documenting my walk with my saviour Jesus Christ, as well as my natural hair journey, I'll be writing thought provoking posts, product reviews, hosting giveaway's and of course offering up a generous dollop of everyday mummy musings. I like to hear uplifting and motivational stories, so I’ll be interviewing inspirational people when I can to encourage and inspire others. Sharing experiences is what makes life beautiful, so let's share.

Monday, 12 December 2011

The Sales Manager

Name: Simon G
Age: 28
Birthplace: Dewsbury, West Yorkshire
Where do you live now? East London

Education: 8 GCSE'S and a City and Guilds qualification in plastering and rendering.

First job: When I was about ten I started my own car wash business. I only had about five customers but the experience gave me vital skills. My first proper job was a paper round at 11.

Current job: Sales manager

Best job: My current role as it was my first job outside of the building industry. It has given me the belief that I can achieve great things in life.

How did you get this job? I decided to pursue a career in sales due to the economic crisis, I also wanted to better myself. It was the first sales job I got interviewed for and 14 months later I'm still loving it.

Dream job as a child? To play for England and Newcastle united as a pro footballer.

Dream job now? To open a football academy for disadvantaged kids across the UK and produce the next England team.

How would you achieve your dream? By working hard in my current role and building a proven business background, then maybe get investment.

What is the best advice you have been given? Not to sit around and wait for things to come to you, but to go out and get them.

What is the best advice you'd give? Treat everyone as you'd like to be treated.

Who is your inspiration/role model? I have many role models in life, but the one's I admire the most are the one's that fight for what they believe in.

What is the one thing you would change about yourself or the world? About the world, I would like to see the end of child poverty and free education for all. If I could change one thing about myself I would have carried on with my education, rather than leaving school at 16 and following most of my friends into the building industry.

What is the key to a successful career/life? I think to have a successful career you need to have good team ethics and believe in what you are trying to achieve.

Recommend someone you know to take this interview: My granddad Brian G
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