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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A lovely afternoon...

I started writing this post on Sunday, with every intention of posting it ON Sunday, but life is hectic, so here it is on Wednesday................enjoy!

Today was one of those lovely kind of days where everything was just, well lovely.

The sun was beaming, the world was bright and shiny and everything was good. Praise God!

I attended an event in Islington with my sister and it was really enjoyable. Titled 'Calm down it will grow naturally' it was an event aimed at celebrating natural hair. Being a Christian, I loved the fact that the organisers Ranette and Cresha and the event host Annell Smith did not shy away from their faith and they boldly proclaimed their love of God by sharing scriptures and giving a prayer of thanksgiving before we ate.

There were a selection of speakers who shared information on everything from the science of hair courtesy of Michelle Grande from Afrotherapy to a mini demonstration on how to style your own hair from the lovely and super talented natural hair stylist Tieska McDowell; that was A LOT of fun and I've started practicing an inverted French plait from the nape of my neck upwards thanks to her. High five Tieska.

As I've been natural for two and a half years, some of the information I was already quite familiar with. However I loved the intimate setting of the meet; a Greek/Lebanese type restaurant, where we ate and drank whilst listening to the speakers. The lovely Erica, co-founder of Love Harlem spoke about caring for natural hair and gave five alliterative principles. Her product range is gorgeous, and I managed to nab a sample of the Love Harlem Avocado Butter, courtesy of my sister who won a goodie bag and was generous enough to let me have the butter. Thanks sis.

Another speaker was Gillian who talked about her journey to sisterlocs. This was very interesting as I don't know much about locs, but learnt that in order for your locs to be called sisterlocs they must be installed by a qualified sisterloc technician or trainee, who has to be certified by the home office. Think I remembered that correctly. If not please forgive me. All sounded pretty hardcore and serious to me. Also, contrary to popular belief you can return to natural loose hair, if you no longer want your sisterlocs. Gillian knows a few people who have done just that. Only snag is it took THREE AND A HALF MONTHS to take them all out....Wowzers!!!

Last up was Nwadi, who spoke on the politics of natural hair. Really thought provoking and got me thinking about a few things. It was also nice to meet her, as we follow each other on twitter. She is a bubbly, beautiful person.

After the speakers there was an opportunity to network and I made some great connections....AND bought a gorgeous canvas bag courtesy of The River Hut Company. Looking forward to what lies ahead......a great Sunday!

The lovely Tieska demonstrating her awesome talent.

My Love Harlem goodies


My River Hut Company canvas bag. I LOVE it.

My beautiful sister with beautiful Gillian who talked about her Sister locs.
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