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Thursday, 14 June 2012

BeUNIQUE Hair care - Mango Twist and Moisture custard

Now you must all know by now that I love to share my experiences of great products I am using and this post is no exception. I have not been asked to write about this product. I simply enjoy raving about splendid things. Alrighty then....

As mentioned in my previous post I purchased some BeUNIQUE Hair Care Moisture Custard and Mango Twist at the Curlvolution event I attended last Saturday. I was so excited about my purchase I used both products as soon as I got home and liked what I saw the next day, so I wanted to try them again when my hair had been freshly washed, hence this post.

Since my last relaxer 18 months ago and my big chop about 6 months ago I have slowly but surely been learning more about my natural hair. Being a busy mum of three I have also begun to realise that I am forever throwing my hair into a mum bun for two main reasons;

A) Speed and ease. I really DO NOT have the time to be faffing with my hair when I'm trying to get myself and three hyperactive kids out of the door and to the library for rhyme time.

B) Fluff and frizz. I'd wash my hair, add oils and moisturise, twist or braid, tie up, go to bed, wake up the next day, take said twists or braids out and be met with a cloud of undefined, fluffy frizzy hair on my head. There was absolutely nothing that could be done with it, so I'd simply tie or pin back to hide the disaster and smooth the edges with aloe vera gel and voila I'm good to go.

I must admit the mum bun is really handy, but even when I had natural hair as a child I always seemed to have weak points at my temples which were prone to hair loss. Fast forward 20 years and the mum bun seems to exacerbate it, by putting stress on my hairline, so I really wanted to achieve a smooth and defined twist/braid out so I have the option to either wear my hair out in some way or at least add some texture and interest to my updo's.....

I was at a loss as to which product would help me achieve this and I was steadily working my way through a mountain of creams and oils - then I bought BeUNIQUE's Magic I mean Moisture Custard and Mango Twist. They have worked a treat for me.

After washing my hair with Curls Unleashed sulfate free shampoo and conditioning with TRESemme Naturals moisturising conditioner I blotted excess water from my hair with a towel and whilst it was still damp I added a little bit of extra virgin olive oil to seal in the moisture. I could have probably skipped this step, but I love using oil on my hair. It really helps lock in moisture. I then went about sectioning my hair and twisting. To each section I added the Moisture Custard and then the Mango Twist on top. I was in a rush so my twists weren't the best, but this didn't matter because I was only planning to keep them in overnight.

At bedtime I tied with my headscarf and a few hours after I woke up I took the twists out and I loved the results. My hair felt soft and silky without being greasy, Each twist that I unravelled properly, i.e from end to root was silky and defined. The others were slightly fluffy because I rushed too much, but all in all I know this product provides me with the results I want. I just need to be more meticulous with my twisting and taking out to achieve a full head of defined curls and waves.

My hair is still quite short so my full twist out didn't really do it for me, especially as I wasn't able to tease and arrange it the way I'd like due to a crying baby who wanted his mummy's undivided attention.....but I will keep trying and eventually post some pics that I like. In the meantime here are the pics that made the cut (just about)...

The faithful mum bun.
Day before wash day.

Freshly shampooed, conditioned and twisted

To the side

Couldn't resist testing a section and taking out a twist
after only a few hours.
Tut. Looks good though.

Smooth. Did notice my ends need a trim though

Day two. Super rushed updo, with kinky/quiffy bit at the front.
No extra product added.Liking the texture.

Curls no longer as defined but the texture is still there.
So there you have it. I still have a lot to learn and I really wish I had more time to spend on styling my hair, but hey what's a mum to do?? My natural hair journey is still very much a work in progress, but I am enjoying finding products that are enabling me to experiment and achieve different things with my 'fro. That's what it's all about in my book.

UPDATE PIC - day 3 of the twist out;
Went out with a mum bun. Came home took it out and
this is what I was left with. I did NOTHING apart from shake
it out a bit. Still needs some work but not too bad eh?

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