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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Grecian style/two bun flat twists

My dear mum taught me to canerow when I was 12 years old and ever since I have loved to plait hair. My own as well as others. 

You'd think that since I have two daughters of my own, I would be in my hair braiding element, but alas they are a nightmare when it comes to anything hair related, so I have to keep things very simple when working with their young tresses. The screaming and carrying on, although slowly improving is still quite soul destroying.

Luckily for me I have family members who help me to fulfil my joy of plaiting without all the nonsense. In particular my  sister who has a full head of luscious, thick, kinky, gorgeous natural hair. She is very compliant and always jumps at the chance to let me experiment with styles on her. She loves, being the guinea pig, I love doing the braiding. It's a win-win situation.

On Thursday she came over  to mine with freshly washed, damp hair and I set to work creating a little bit of magic. She had already conditioned and added Jamaican black castor oil, so I added some Curls Unleashed curl defining cream mixed with a little more Jamaican black castor oil, then parted her hair into small sections and proceeded to flat twist each section, sealing with Anita Grant's creamy vanilla latte as I went. I flat twisted her hair into two distinct bundles ready to join up into two chunky flat twists.

From start to finish it took me about two hours, (that included numerous interruptions from my little boy, who in typical baby fashion wanted all of my attention when I had something else to be getting on with.) The beauty with this style is that it is quite versatile. After I finished I wrapped each section into cute buns, but my sister wanted something that would stay in for a bit longer, so I flat twisted each section down. If she likes she could even wear it all down or pin the front up and leave the back section of flat twists out. 

I must say I loved the finished result and so did she. What do you think?

My sister's freshly washed and conditioned hair
before I started

The finished style from the front

Side/back view

View of the back

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