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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Biting the bullet

I'm in need of some help and inspiration guys.

If you've been following my blog you'll know that the other half and I are planning to get married next year. We are finally going to make our union official after a four year engagement, seven years together total and three beautiful bambinos.
Now to get this whole stuff moving we've I've been looking at various churches, but for one reason or another these options haven't been working out. Since the OH proposed I've envisioned getting married in a beautiful church in a beautiful location, but this desire doesn't seem meant to be.
We currently attend and are part of a lovely church. The congregation is small and the services are held in a school hall in the middle of an inner city estate. Now there are two things I instantly have an issue with and that's; 
A) The church. It's not a church in the sense of the beautiful building with the steeple and the pews.
B) The location. Not a leafy suburban oasis with gorgeous views. 
These issues are really throwing a spanner in the works and stalling my wedding planning momentum. Part of me thinks we should just bite the bullet and marry at the church we attend and stop trying to force ourselves somewhere else. Our pastor is amazing the people are lovely, so if I think rationally it's a no brainer really. Plus there are things we could do to beautify things surely.
I'm thinking that we could hire a marquee and get it erected on the school field which I'm sure can be utilised (I'll have to find out). So in essence we could have the ceremony in the marquee and the reception could be held in the hall which is in a newly built annexe within the school. This building has been designed to cater for events so it is really modern. Or we could just have everything in the marquee???
Here are some ideas I've come across which are getting me a bit excited again;
Ceremony Marquee
Pinned Image

My head is in a spin with all this really. We've got less than a year to go and NOTHING has been confirmed so it all still feels like pipe dreams to be honest. 
Time is flying by so quickly and I'm concerned another year will pass and we'll still not be man and wife *collapses into a exasperated and defeated heap on the floor* 
Anyone have any nuggets of wisdom they could offer?? 
I really want to get this pot simmering again and fast......
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