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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Keeping it moving

LOVE this idea. My OH has gorgeous
handwriting too. Will have to do this!
Things seem to have picked up pace on the wedding planning front. 

I've found a church. Again.

I can't believe we didn't seriously consider this one before. It's my aunt's church and it's where we got daughter number two christened. It is big with a beautiful interior, in short it's a 'proper' church in the traditional sense. 

I've spoken to the administrator and she's pretty certain we'll be fine to get married there. She just needs to organise all her marriage enquiries before she can confirm our date, so she'll be responding to my email in the next week. All being well we'll be booked in for a meeting with the bishop soon after. Can I get a high five?? 

I suppose I shouldn't get too carried away just yet, but it is feeling like a dead cert. Plus the Pastor from our church could still possibly marry us, and if not exclusively, he can still be involved in the ceremony in some capacity, as long as the residing bishop agrees. A bit convoluted if you ask me, but hey.....

This church has a hall attached and a new kitchen too. We're going to check it out for suitability. I told you it's all go.

We've also got our eye on a caterer.  I did toy with the idea of having tasty but simple Italian fair - hours of watching Jamie Oliver back to back on More 4 inspired me. But I guess it's safer to stick to what we know and at least then my Nan will be happy lol. So the caterer we are getting a little bit excited about, cook West Indian food in a bang on trend 'street style' and it's good. Lord knows we've paid for our fair share of average to below average Caribbean grub, so we know this definitely hits the spot. If we can get them on board that would be another item to tick off the never ending 'to do' list.

Hopefully we'll get these three main things firmed up in the coming weeks, then it'll be 'save the date' time and everything will become realer (I don't think that's a word) than real *chews nails in nervous anticipation*

Lil old me is going to become a Mrs...
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