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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Last minute plans

My OH has a habit of doing things last minute.

He loves it I hate it. I'm a planner. He clearly IS NOT.
From wanting to know where something important is the very instant he needs it *fed up face*. To telling me about hotel room bookings the night before. Last minute plans really seem to make him tick. 
This trait although extremely romantic at the beginning of our beautiful and chaotic life together is now sending me slightly around the bend. 
I know I'm sounding super ungrateful here, but when you have three small children you need to know about things like this in advance so you can arrange baby sitters, get all the necessary child related paraphernalia organised and make the most of the time you'll be away. 
Needless to say it was me left running around like a headless chicken trying to get everything together on Saturday. Like my day wasn't chaotic enough with swimming lessons at 9am, the theatre at 3pm and then everything else on top of that too. 
I was stressed and super uptight. Arrrgghhh...
Despite all the angst, the OH and I had a lovely evening at The Hilton, Canary Wharf this weekend and we were able to spend some quality, child free time together. Which is very, very rare for us these days.
It always takes me a little while to unwind when we get some alone time and when I have finally got out of 'mummy mode', it's time to go. Nevertheless we had a good time. 
This is what we got up to..

An afternoon at the theatre.

The set.

The Actors. They signed our programmes and had a chat with us.

The young man on the right was the old lady. He did a good job and was
really quite funny. My eldest was a bit scared unsure though.

The room was lovely

Who's that girl?
No time to get glammed up *sigh*

Nice, bright bathroom too

Fried garlic prawns and salad for me from 'Hazev' a local Turkish restaurant.

The OH had lamb Kofta's with cous cous

Night view

The view from our hotel room at night

What did you get up to on this long jubilee weekend? x

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