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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Helpful little children

My kids are so sweet. That may sound really biased, but truly they are. There have been a number of occasions lately where they've been bending over backwards to help me around the home. Even my 19 month old son gets involved; hoovering, hanging out the clothes, tidying up the toys, folding away the laundry. Admittedly my eldest isn't so eager (need to work on her lol), but It's amazing to see all three of them in action. I've had to draw the line at washing up the dishes and cooking though lol. My girls are only 5 and 3 and a half, so there's a way to go before they can get stuck into any of that.

Looking back to my own childhood I remember being 10 when my mum first handed me the sponge and fairy liquid to do the washing up. I can't remember if I asked to do it or if she forced it on me *snort* but from 10 onwards I would help out often with the chores, and from 13 I was washing my own school uniform.

Although I did get fed up with it at times, I'm glad my mum started me off relatively young. It equipped me well for university life and subsequent adulthood, after all there's no getting away from it and you have to start sometime right?

Do your children help you with the chores? How old were you when you started doing them?
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