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Hello there, thanks for visiting my blog. So, a bit about me; I'm Natalie and I am a Christian, committed to living by God's Word each and every day. I am a proud mother to three beautiful children and creator of The Accidental Mogul - a blog designed to channel my ambitious juices and unleash the writer within! This blog is a reflection of me, so it contains a little bit of everything. I’ll be documenting my walk with my saviour Jesus Christ, as well as my natural hair journey, I'll be writing thought provoking posts, product reviews, hosting giveaway's and of course offering up a generous dollop of everyday mummy musings. I like to hear uplifting and motivational stories, so I’ll be interviewing inspirational people when I can to encourage and inspire others. Sharing experiences is what makes life beautiful, so let's share.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

The 'Memorising God's Word' Assignment - week 3

I really wanted to get this post out this morning. I managed to get the instagram post out before I went to church, but for some reason or another the blog post got delayed. Praise the Lord anyway because the post is here and it's that time again. MGW!!! This week's memory verse is Matthew 6:33.

'But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.'
Matthew 6:33

The book of Matthew is powerful and Jesus speaks mightily throughout it. In the sixth chapter of Matthew He teaches the importance of forging a one on one relationship with God based upon doing things because they are right and pleasing to our heavenly father, not because of who sees us and what acknowledgement we can get in the world for it. God knows the intentions of our hearts, and if we do things just to 'appear' holy we are mocking Him.

In Matthew 6:33 Jesus teaches us to seek the Kingdom of God first before anything else. By this He means we are to look to Him for our every want and need, we are to communicate with Him through prayer and obey His word, we read our Bible's diligently, we praise and worship Him, go to church and fellowship with other Christians, HE (underlined, bolded, covered in flashing lights) will supply all our needs. If we abide in Him and seek Him first and His goodness (righteousness) everything else falls into place. I can testify to this. I seek God's face daily and He truly supplies all my needs. As long as I have my Heavenly Father, I want for nothing. He is such an AWESOME, awesome God. Hallelujah!!

So guys meditate on this verse daily in the morning when you wake up, before bed and during the day too if you can. This is in addition the daily time you spend with God praying and reading your Bible. This assignment is not about being ritualistic or memorising God's word because it is something to boast about, no. God's word is powerful and provides nourishment for the soul, so by internalising it we are able to speak life into our own lives and situations and those of others. AMEN!!
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