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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Pizza for brunch in bed

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We have no hot water, heating or means of cooking. There is  thick frost on the ground and all five of us are huddled in our bedroom with only a fan heater for warmth.

It all started yesterday when the better half complained of a headache. I though it might be his lack of fluid intake. Especially since he'd played football the evening before without drinking enough water - something he does a lot.

Anyway I had a lot of plans for Saturday, but that all went out of the window because he felt so ill. At first I thought it might be a dose of typical 'man sickness', but even after two paracetamol (he hates taking medication, so it had to be bad) and all day in bed without any interruption from me or the kids, he still wasn't himself.

I carried on with the day keeping the children entertained, baking cakes, drawing, making dinner, watching TV. It was very pleasant.

Then at about 7pm, as baby was falling asleep in my arms I started to feel strange. I got up to put baby in his cot and the room started spinning. I brushed it off to maybe getting up too quickly, but even after putting baby down the room continued to spin, so much so I thought I would throw up and faint.

What was going on?

Then I had a thought. We have been experiencing issues with the boiler the whole time we've been living in this house. This is despite it being a new build. Gas leaks, water leaks, numerous replacements of parts on and on...

I started to panic. What if it was carbon monoxide poisoning. I opened the windows and looked up the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning online, and the results seemed to confirm my fears, so not wanting to take any risks with something so serious, I called the gas emergency hotline and an engineer came out. He said because of our symptoms (thankfully the children seemed OK) he would have to cut off the gas at the mains.

The better half and I woke up this morning and we both feel a million times better, I'm not sure if it is because the gas was cut off or simply because we got some sleep. I don't think my mind will allow me to think the worst.

All I know is that currently the whole house is freezing except for our bedroom. But it is better to be freezing and alive than the alternative.

And anyway an engineer is on the way, and despite it being Sunday and roast dinner day, we are embracing our situation and ordering pizza for brunch in bed. The children are super excited. Needs must...............
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