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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Flower girl dresses from Mini Mode

Maybe I'm being a bit hasty considering we haven't got a date for the wedding confirmed or booked the church, but I bought flower girl dresses for the girls whilst at Eastbourne over the weekend. They are from the Mini Mode Collectables range at Boots and they were on sale - 50% off, so you know I had to get them; (I was clever and bought them a size up so they'll fit come next spring). The beauty of these dresses is that they are simple yet still rather fitting for a wedding, plus I can accessorise them like crazy.

I'm really having to think outside of the box where this wedding is concerned. Flower girl dresses from Boots? Doesn't sound quite right does it? But I'm at the point where if something looks good and I feel in my gut that it'll work and the price is right then I'm going to buy it.

The OH, didn't think much of them but I beg to differ, plus the colour has given me a firm idea of the theme I'd like. I'm going back to our local Boots today to see if I can get our son a pair of trousers from the range. Wish me luck.

*Excuse the abstract pic. I'm still intermittently without Internet connection, so I'm blogging from my phone quite a bit, which isn't the greatest. I will update with more pics and links when I get the chance.*

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