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Monday, 30 July 2012

LEGO DUPLO - Read and Build

I'm chuffed to be a blogger on the 2012 LEGO DUPLO panel, and as part of that, LEGO DUPLO send their parcels of fun every now and then for the children to enjoy and me to review. It's WIN-WIN, I'm Chuffed I tell you.

On this occasion it was particularly exciting because we were sent a brand spanking new range which doesn't hit the stores until Wednesday (August 1st), so you lovely readers are some of the first people to hear about this. Oh yes it's truuuue.

This new concept, in conjuction with publisher Dorling Kindersley features illustrated story books with brightly coloured bricks. There are three unique sets in the range; 'Grow Caterpillar Grow''Busy Farm' and 'Let's Go Vroom', and they are aimed at pre-schoolers between 18 months and four years so perfect for my three bubba's. They absolutely loved the sets and the fact that story books were included along with the LEGO almost tipped them over the edge.

The read and build set combines reading and learning with building the fun characters from the stories in the book. Super educational and quite clever if you ask me. We all had a ball (especially me), reading and then creating the little animals and vehicles featured in the stories. The girls' concentration was heightened as they listened to the stories intently and then followed the building instructions perfectly. Definitely good preparation for school in September.

LEGO DUPLO Read and Build is available from 1st August and retails at £9.99 each.

Look what we've got!

One of the three sets in the range
Had so much fun building these together
Moo, Baa, Oink, Cock-a-doodle-doo

Big sis concentrating
Big sis concentrating some more
Story time

This is a review post. All opinions expressed are my own.


Moderne Meid said...

I love this post. It takes me back to the days when me and my siblings would play Lego. They've definitely come a far way with their lego (now they have books to accompany the lego?).

I think that's really cute and very different. The girls are gorgeous and super cute x

Natalie Bea said...

Ahh Moderne Meid, thank you for your lovely comment.

It is true LEGO has come a long way. The books are such a great addition. My girls were sooo excited. They love it. My little boy loves it too, but he's a bit young to understand properly yet, he'll be there soon enough though xx

Jennifer said...

I'm so jealous that you get to review Duplo! That set looks brilliant, what a great idea.

Natalie Bea said...

Jennifer lol. These new sets are really clever. We love it, although it takes a lot of work keeping all the pieces together. Especially with an inquisitive one year old on the loose.

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