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Friday, 20 July 2012


I'm finding this image quite soothing.
Just what I need.

Well what do you know? 

The administrator at my choice of church called me this morning and we had a lovely conversation. I feel a bit bad about yesterday's post now, but quite clearly it triggered something, somewhere to get things moving again. 

We spoke for about 30 minutes. Yes 30 minutes and she was just as amicable as she was when I had my initial conversation with her. Strange. She even sent a lovely email shortly after our conversation to say she was looking forward to receiving our application and it was lovely speaking to me. She must have been having a bad day when we last spoke. I guess it happens to the best of us.

Anyway the next step is for us to fill out an application form and send it in, then she'll arrange for us to meet with the Bishop for pre marital counselling, then hopefully we'll be approved to marry at the church.

She counselled me over the phone a bit to get a feel for my motivation. She asked questions like;

Have either of us been married before? No.

Is there a reason we are waiting until next year to get married? To get some money together and I like the number 13, so 2013 is a perfect year for me, plus I want to be married in my 33rd year and I'll be just shy of my 34th birthday in Spring 2013).

My responses got me thinking. Some of my reasons for waiting are so flimsy. I'm not working at the moment, I'm a stay at home mother. Am I really going to save any money from now until next year? No.

What is this whole '13' thing about? Is it just an excuse to prolong things? Maybe. Relationships aren't easy that's for sure, but nothing ever is. We are living like a married couple and we have three children together. You can't get more committed than that if you tried, so what exactly is the hold up? Err nothing.

As I've mentioned before we're both from big families and I think I'm trying to include too many people, not wanting to hurt feelings, but really and truly we can't do it all.

A mass cull of the proposed guest list is required I think................*oh dear* 
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