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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Egg on face

That little girl in the blue is something else. Lol

Last Thursday, after only a day (well 3 hours) of being at pre-school my youngest daughter informed me, that she didn't get any snacks and she wasn't listened to when she asked to go to the toilet at pre-school. I thought nothing of it and just put it down to it being her first day and her maybe not speaking up enough. When she told me the same thing for a second day in a row, I thought I'd have a quick word with the teacher just to clarify what was going on for my own piece of mind.

So the next morning, after walking her into her classroom I went over to the teacher and asked her what the procedure was for going to the toilet and snacks. She said the children are able to go to the toilet whenever they like except for during story time when they have to put there hands up to ask. OK nothing out of the ordinary there. I then asked her about snacks, and she said pieces of fruit were left on a table at one side of the room where the children could graze at their leisure throughout the three hour session. Oh. Again nothing sounded amiss. I mentioned to the teacher that my daughter had told me she wasn't getting any snacks or being allowed to go to the toilet. She said she'd remind her of the process and let the other teachers remind her as well. 

I went over to my little girl and let her know that it was OK to go to the toilet whenever she liked except for during story time and she could eat the snacks whenever she liked as well. She responded loudly; 

'Yes, I know that'. 

Sorry what?? The teacher looked at me and laughed. Apparently children do that quite often, tell their parents one thing, when really they mean something else. *scratches head*

Ahh well you live and you learn.


MummaG said...

That made me giggle, I've had a lot of those experiences! x

Natalie Bea said...

Mumma G it was cringey. Lol. Suppose it's something I should get used to or maybe I'll wait a bit longer before jumping in next time? Who knows? Ha

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