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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Hastings and Camber Sands

I'm a bit late with this post but hey, I'm getting there (two more to go I think). During the summer holidays, the OH, children and I decided to go to Camber sands for the weekend. It coincided with one of the really hot weekends the UK was experiencing, so we wanted to make the most of the last of the summer days.

OH booked a chalet at Pontins for two nights, the reviews were not great, but the price was so good £108 for two nights we thought it'd be silly not to grab the opportunity. (In hindsight it is very true that you really do get what you pay for sometimes - ha!)

We planned to meet the OH's mum, sister and nephew in Camber on the Saturday and make a day of it at the beach. That didn't go to plan as the traffic was gridlocked from Rye to the Camber coast, so we made a quick diversion and headed to Hastings to spend the day with the family there instead, with the intention of making our way back to Camber in the evening when the traffic had eased. Phew!

The historical, seaside town of Hastings is about a 20 minute drive from Camber, along the East Sussex Coast. The beach at Hastings is mainly pebble but nevertheless we had a wonderful time. We made the most of the tide being out, and the children were able to paddle in the sea and build sandcastles in the wet sand before the tide came back in. The sun was hot and luckily I picked up a tent type hut from Tesco a few weeks prior, which was only £12 and really works well to keep everyone out of the sun. It's super roomy too and folds down into a neat and compact flat circle; a bit like a hula hoop with a cover over it - that was most certainly one of my best purchases this summer.

After a several hours on the beach we headed off for a fish and chip supper and had delicious ice creams for dessert. The OH had ginger and choc chip and it was divine. Wish I'd bought myself one, it was sooo nice.

The OH's Mum, sister and nephew headed back home in the evening and we made our way to our chalet at Pontins in Camber Sands. The Chalet's are extremely basic, but clean. There were three playgrounds for kids to have fun, plus an indoor play centre and various other activities dotted around the complex.

In the morning we headed straight to the beach where we discovered exactly why Camber sands is so named. There were miles of sandy beach with not a pebble in sight. Unfortunately the weather was over cast and it rained off and on for a few hours before the sun finally broke through and stayed out in full force.

All in all Hastings was lovely and I would go to Camber again, but only for the day. The accommodation was OK, but not the greatest. Saying that, we thoroughly enjoyed our time there and the children adored the sand and the sea, they simply couldn't get enough.  We have fond memories and that is what really counts.

Hastings in the sun

Sandy toes

Sandy beach at Camber Sands

Making the most of the rides at Pontin's.

Someone is not happy the ride finished.

Activity time at Pontins Camber sands.

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