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Monday, 29 October 2012

My little sis has big chopped

Last Friday my little sis big chopped, and when I say big chopped, I mean; Big. Chopped...in its literal sense. As in, cut all her hair off.You may think this isn't too much of a big deal, but this girl is a self confessed glam queen. She likes, for the most part, her hair to be long and straight, which would usually mean she'd be rocking a weave of some sort. She is very experimental too, so they'd be colour, tracks, shaved one side, short and relaxed, you name it she's done it.

When my other sister and I went natural, we'd drop hints that she should join us, and she wouldn't regret it, but she was having none of it. She complained that her hair was 'too hard' and she couldn't deal with a 'fro' and natural hair wasn't for her, but slowly her opinion began to change. I also think she was becoming discouraged with the health of her hair. She had been trimming frequently to remove the breakage, but still relaxing and colouring, so the health of her hair wasn't really improving. It was dry and weak and I think she just got fed up, so drastic measures were required.

Fast forward to last Friday and I accompanied her to her local salon where her hair was snipped to about an inch from her scalp. The transformation was fantastic. Her natural hair is so soft and black and glossy, I think she was in shock with how good it looked. I was so proud.

Well done little sis for jumping feet first into your natural hair journey and embracing the hair that God blessed you with. The journey will not always be easy but I promise you, you will not regret it xx


Joanna Henley said...

I think the shorter style is the more attractive. When you see models on the catwalk, there's some thing very sophisticated and beautiful to the women with very short, natural hair.

Feisty Tapas said...

She's beautiful! What a brave move

Natalie Bea said...

Ahhh thank you Maria.She'll love hearing that x

bod for tea said...

Yay! Good for her, she looks gorgeous! And I'm sure she'll love the condition of her hair so much more x

Natalie Bea said...

Bod for tea thanks. She really does love her cropped hair. She wishes she'd done it sooner lol x

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