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Monday, 8 October 2012

The next holiday we book will be through Expedia

Oh Barbados, how I love you!

Why? You may ask, well 8 weeks ago I booked a package deal to Barbados for my mum, dad and sister which was MUCH cheaper than other deals available at the time. I was really surprised because Barbados is one of the more expensive Caribbean islands, and even for a two star hotel you are looking at £1,500 (at the very least) for a two week package deal.

Last year my folks and sister booked direct with the travel agents and ended up paying £1,700 each for three weeks in a two and a half star hotel at half board. Pretty steep. This time they were looking at much the same price and more, that was until I started trawling the net and discovered that Expedia were doing deals that seemed, (quite frankly) too good to be true. For a while I was slightly concerned that it all might be a dodgy on-line trap, but NO, all is well. I checked them in on-line and everything and they are up in the sky as I type.

The deal I found was for three weeks in the same hotel they were in last time and includes bed and breakfast and flights. It all ended up costing approx £1,000 each - a staggering saving of £2,100 (granted their missing a meal, but hey, who needs food when you're in Paradise - ha). Plus there's always family close by who can feed them up if needs be. To top it all off, two kids go free at the hotel. Bargain city or what? If my girls hadn't just started school, I would have been all over that deal. Oh well there is always next year....... Maybe for the honeymoon......*kneels and prays*

This is not a review post. I just had to share because seriously we will, without a shadow of a doubt be using Expedia for our next holiday. Bring it on!


Jennifer Jain said...

We've booked several holidays through Expedia and we've always found them good value! A shame that you're not going too though!

Stuart Carter said...

I'm employed by Expedia and I can confirm that they're jolly nice to work for. :-)

Natalie Bea said...

Jennifer I know, I'm kicking myself. Next year though, for sure : )

Natalie Bea said...

Oooh Stu, glad its all going so well. I'm hoping I'll be able to find another Expedia bargain next year too.

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