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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Love Holiday's

So as not to overdose on all things wedding, I've decided to touch upon some other kind of loveliness that is close to my heart and that is the beloved holiday.

Ahhh holiday's where do I start? They are what most of us live for, what we slog our guts out to pay for, yet seemingly end in the blink of an eye.

I remember when I used to go abroad at least once a year. That is now a distant memory, so I thought I'd reminisce on my holiday destinations over the next few posts and see if I can transport myself - in spirit - to beautiful far off spaces...Got to love a bit of nostalgia.

At 16 I visited Italy my art class. Such a beautiful country and my very first time abroad. We did travel by coach which took 27 hours, but at 16 it was one big joyous adventure. A bit like an old school coach trip *laughs* . We drove through France, Switzerland and I think Austria. A beautiful experience. I so want to go again with my fiancé. Maybe a honeymoon? oops there I go again with the wedding talk.....

Beautiful Venice. I fell in love with Italy, so much passion in this country.
It's true what they say about Italians and even at 16 I felt this.

I have been to France a few times, shockingly it has only ever been to stop off at the hypermarkets in Calais to stock up on cheap booze for a party or to pass through on the way to Italy. I really must address this because France (from what I have seen and heard) is a beautiful country. The other half and I had planned to go to Paris for a romantic mini break a few years ago but for some reason it didn't happen. We will need to rectify this soon so that we can experience the fine French cuisine and beautiful scenery.

The South of France looking very lush.

I visited this Greek Island when I was 19. I went with my boyfriend at the time and it was a pleasant week long holiday. The food was good, the weather was absolutely scorching and we had a relaxing time. Got bitten by mosquitoes quite badly though. That was a low point but hey ho you live and learn.

Kos Town at dusk.

As part of the holiday to Kos we took a day trip to the port town of Bodrum in Turkey. There is a lot to buy in Bodrum, I'm sure most things are not genuine because the prices are so cheap, but I could be wrong. The weather was glorious and the food was nice. All in all had a good time.

OOh should have gone here. Lovely.

So that's the first part of my holiday nostalgia run down . Keep an eye out for my next instalments.

What holiday's have you been on that have you longing to return? Or maybe, like me you wistfully remenisce on your beautiful holidays of old. Whichever it may be why not come and join in with the holiday nostalgia love?

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