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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Matalan is tops

Firstly let me start by saying that this is not a sponsored post. I merely want to share the selection of fabulous items I bought at Matalan yesterday. And I must say they are certainly fab.

We've recently downsized and are living back at our one bedroom flat, so we can save enough to buy a house. Renting was crippling us, so we're squishing ourselves into a small space for a short period of time to achieve a long term goal. Well that's the plan.

Undoubtedly space is at a premium so I am going crazy for storage solutions at the moment. We usually swear by Ikea, we love that place and we bought this fab sofa bed from there a few weeks ago. The living room is doubling up as our bedroom, but it works brilliantly. Luckily the rooms in our flat are generous, so it doesn't feel poky at all, especially as our kids are still small.

Anyhow like I said I've been seeking high and low for storage solutions and bits and bobs to make the flat cute and cosy. Well how did I forget about Matalan? Well I hadn't forgotten, I just hadn't got around to going there and my goodness how I am kicking myself the bargains are fab. Like I said we've been buying stuff from Ikea and we recently made a trip to TK Maxx another great store we love, but I'm gutted I hadn't visited Matalan sooner. There are several items I've brought elsewhere which were much cheaper in Matalan. Bath mats for instance. £7 in Asda, £5 in Matalan. Kicking. My. Self. I know it's only a few pounds, but when you are a stay at home mum, every penny counts.

I also bought this selection of bargainous beauties, I'm super chuffed with my purchases;

Love this first class stamp door mat. Only £5.

Beloved storage. This is fab and discreet.


Bath mats £5 each. I bought two aubergine
bath mats from Asda a few days ago for £7 each.
The splash of colour will go together perfectly in our newly tiled bathroom.

I'm always on the lookout for hand luggage. With three children
and frequent trips out, big bags are essential. Loving Matalan's new hand luggage
range. This bag cost £15 and there are lots of colours and designs to choose from. I love this fun apple design. The bags are light and spacious and especially designed to be taken straight on a plane. Holiday's here we come!

My Matalan stash. I love it. I did buy some great value
bits for the kids too, but then nothing new there lol
I'm having severe issues with blogger, windows and my second hand laptop (the other half convinced me they were value for money *snort*) at the moment. Super annoying. Apologies for the dodgy photo layout, but I hope you get the point I'm trying to make. Matalan has some fab stuff. I'm hoping a windows update will sort out this mess with my blog. I feel so lost, not to mention my patience has been shot to bits with all this faffing for a rubbish finish ugh...
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