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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

First day

Cheese! Won't you just look at that smile.

This morning was my little girl's, I mean, not so little girl's, first day at school and she loved it.

It's funny because for the weeks leading up to this day she would constantly grimace and storm off whenever the 'school' word was mentioned. I never took this behaviour on board because she is so used to mixing with other children and being away from her dad and I. Since she was 14 months old she has been spending 11 hour days at nursery. Admittedly for the past 15 months I have been a stay at home mum, so maybe she was feeling unsettled  with the impending changes ahead.

The thing is, I know my daughter is eager to learn. She is forever asking questions, she is thirsty for knowledge and she is keen to get on with reading and writing. I have taught her little bits here and there but with two other little ones to tend to it has been hard to dedicate myself to her properly. I know at school she will come on in leaps and bounds.

I must admit that in all the haste to get my eldest prepared for school I had completely lost sight of my middle child. She has always been the more self assured of my two girls, but in the last few days she has been a bit clingy and upset, making a fuss at bedtimes and waking up several times in the night. I couldn't work out why until now, but I think maybe in her own little way she sensed the changes about to happen. (She'll be starting pre-school in a few weeks, so it really is all go in this household.)

She cried her little eyes out when she realised her big sister was going to school today without her. She kept saying; 'Where's Lexi, I miss Lexi'. I felt a pang of guilt as I realised I hadn't properly explained that her big sister was starting school and what this would mean for her. OOOpps. You live and learn.

Nevertheless my big girl had a fabulous first 'day' and she was beaming when we went to pick her up at 11.30am. (The school are easing the children in gently, so it'll be half days to begin with). I can't quite believe that an era is over. My first born, who I feel like I only gave birth to yesterday is growing up so fast. I felt such a pang in my soul as I made my way home without her this morning. It felt odd because me entrusting her into the care of someone else is nothing new, like I mentioned she was at nursery for a good few years. I guess it's the fact that she is now in formal education that makes it feel different.  I know all will be fine though, this is simply another chapter of life that the good Lord will guide us through.

Off to school I go!
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