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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Little boys

Look at that face. Soo cute yet soo mischievous.
Love him to death.

I heard a rumour that little boys were mischevious, high energy, boisterous, unrelenting you know what I'm talking about. You've heard it too right? Well I never, ever believed it. Well that is until I had a little boy of my own. Wow-wee my son is all of the above and more. I don't ever remember my girls being such a...well a handful. Don't get me wrong children in all of their gorgeous loveliness are hard work, but this little man of mine is something else.

From the moment he opens his big, brown, bright eyes to the moment he goes to bed he is up to and into something and everything. Just to give you a bit of an idea, here is a quick list of the things he has been found doing;

Stabbing a banana with a pencil and proceeding to scoop out chunks and eat pieces of banana straight off the pencil.

Throwing his sister's clean knickers (from the clothes horse) and my full, unopened bottle of deodorant down the toilet. Oh he also tried to throw his Dad's pillow into the loo too. (He is obsessed with the toilet. Ewww).

Poking his eldest sister's puff (she had her hair up in a pineapple) with a pencil.

Turning off the TV a gazzillion times. *sigh*

Throwing his food on the floor and mushing it into the carpet. *joy*

Stopping the washing machine mid cycle several times. Each time the cycle had to be reprogrammed to start from the beginning.

Pouring his juice all over himself.

Jumping on the sofa, getting stuck behind the sofa and falling off of the sofa repeatedly.

Sneakily scribbling on the sofa.

Tearing a book

Any opportunity he gets to go into the bathroom (besides delving into the loo), he can be found running the cold water tap in the bath at full force, splashing about in delight and subsequently turning the bathroom into a wet room. Thank God for floor to ceiling tiles is all I can say.

Singing at the top of his lungs in the supermarket........

Ooooh this little one is only 15 months old and yet he is already such a larger than life character. I wouldn't change him for the world,  although the boundaries may have to step up a gear.......

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