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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Washed out at Legoland

At the end of August, the children and I had the pleasure of visiting Legoland Windsor for my nephew's ninth birthday. Well I say we had the pleasure, but it was quite a challenge to enjoy, because it rained non-stop for the WHOLE day. And it wasn't the kind of rain that you could ignore,  it was torrential,  it was cold AND we had four children to tend to. Not a good combination.

Since we paid £23 per ticket (li'l sis purchased them online several days beforehand) we were determined to make the most of the day, this was made even more apparent when we were queuing to collect our tickets and we overheard the party of 10 in front were paying £500 for theirs. *faints* - I think this included Q- Bot passes which are VIP queue jump type things, but even still........ 

..anyway, determined not to let the appalling weather get us down; we set about finding rides for the children to go on. Soon though it was obvious the rain wasn't going to let up AT ALL, so we had to purchase poncho's at £3.50 each to protect  us against the elements. I'm sure Legoland made a fortune in poncho sales that day, because everywhere you turned there was a sea of yellow.

As it was still school holiday territory, there were seriously long queues for the most popular rides and attractions, but in the main, most rides were quick to get onto purely because of the terrible weather.

One thing I will say is that I didn't expect Legoland to be a theme park. I'd always imagined it to be a lot like a model village, with miniature buildings and landscapes made up of Lego, but this really isn't the case. This isn't necessarily a bad thing because there is stacks to do, but I'd seriously suggest you plan ahead if you can because the place is jam packed with a variety of zones dedicated to particular themes; from Ancient Egypt to Atlantis underworld.

Atlantis underworld involved going underground in a submarine to view sharks, stingrays and other sea life. This seemed to be the one of the most popular attractions. My sisters and the children queued up for 45 minutes whilst I waited outside whilst my son slept in his buggy. (I guess this is where the pricey Q-Bot would have come in handy).

All in all Legoland has great potential to be a fun day out, but the weather did really put a dampener on things, excuse the pun. That being said I would definitely go again, but preferably when the sun is out and the torrential rain is not.


The Mary Rose.
My eldest said it made her feel sick. My youngest loved it.

Strike a pose

Fun in the rain

Wash out

Sea life

Can you see who has had enough?


Sophie Allen said...

Omg my boys would love that!


Natalie Bea said...

Hi Sophie, they certainly would. There is a lot to see and do. Definitely worth a visit : )

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