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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Products my natural hair loves

I've been natural for nearly two years now (well 20 months to be exact). In that time I have built an itinerary of products that really seem to work wonders in my hair. They are products I swear by and would recommend wholeheartedly to anyone else on the look out for hair products. Of course not everything I use on my hair will have the same results for yours, (it is trial and error after all), nevertheless I'd like to share in the hope that someone out there will benefit from my nuggets of information. 

Anita Grant - Creamy Cafe Latte; Vanilla:

I came across Anita Grant when I first started blogging nearly a year ago. I was perusing the fabulous Natural Belle blog and noticed that Anita's products are featured quite frequently. At the time I was on the look out for oils and butters that would help me with the dryness I was experiencing whilst I transitioned from chemically straightened to natural hair. I got in contact with Anita Grant on twitter and asked for a recommendation as to which products in the line would work best to combat the extreme dryness I seemed to experiencing. A representative was swift to get back to me and recommended the Vanilla Cafe latte butter. I was also really pleased to discover they have a whole range of samples that are fabulously priced, so I set about ordering around £30 worth of samples. It was like Christmas when it all arrived. Straight away I got stuck into all the butters, creams and oils. All of them were great and really nourishing but the vanilla Cafe latte really stood out for me. It smells devine (just like chocolate). Everyone I use it on completely falls in love with it. Even my fiance who prefers to use nothing on his hair or body (strange guy!) has been converted and lovingly applies it to his hair and skin most days (woop, woop!). I mostly use it on my hair when it's damp and it always leaves it feeling soft, nourished and supple. Not to mention smelling scrumptious.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Oh my, this stuff is amazeballs. Sorry to have to use this word, but I think it is rather appropriate - ha. When I first used this oil I was a bit put off by the thickness and the smell, but once applied to my freshly washed, damp hair it seem to penetrate every single strand and leave it feeling and looking ultra soft and shiny. I get the same results when I use on my children's hair too, although I do find it a bit heavy for my youngest daughter's hair (which has more of a curly/coily rather than kinky texture), so  the smallest pea size amount will suffice for sections of her hair when divided into four. When I use JBCO on my little boy, it turns his frizzy curls into a soft, nourished cloud of loveliness. I can't get enough of this stuff, not only does it soften and nourish but it has healing properties and stimulates hair growth and yes you guessed OH loves it too. I purchased my first bottle of JBCO from Akua Wood at The Shea Butter Cottage when she was exhibiting at the Curlvolution event in June. I also purchase JBCO from Hair9.

Pure Coconut Oil

Coconut oil I love it. It smells just like coconut, I'm sorry to state the obvious but for some reason I didn't expect the smell to be so rich. It also solidifies when cold and becomes a very runny oil when warm. Out of all of the oils I've ever used coconut oil is very temperature sensitive. I find it extremely light and nourishing and I use it on freshly washed, damp hair. It is not heavy like JBCO but it still leaves a fabulous shine on my hair as well as my children's. I also use coconut oil for pre-poo treatments if my hair is feeling particular dry. I'll apply it and leave in over night then wash my hair with conditioner (Co-wash), the results are a head of soft, supple coils. YES m'am. Coconut oil is also fabulous for use on the skin. I use on my kids after a shower or bath and their skin glows for hours aftrewards. Even my sister recently commented how good their skin looked and I let her in on the secret. lol. I buy my coconut oil from Holland and Barrett, it's quite pricey at  £14.99 a tub, but the tub is large and Holland and Barrett are great for their buy one, get one half price and buy one get one for a penny deals.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Like coconut oil EVOO is great for pre-poos. I also use on my hair when it's damp or mix it with water in a spray bottle, so I can revitalise dry hair daily with a a quick spritz. EVOO is great for skin too. I use it all of the time on all of my kids all over,  it is definitely a staple in our household. EVOO is really easy to find as it is available in all supermarkets, it is also really affordable if you are on a budget.

TRESemme Naturals Nourishing Conditioner

Where do I start? This is hands down the best conditioner I have used EVER.  There are other conditioners in the TRESemme line I use and they give me good results too, but I think the fact  this conditioner is silicone free and includes aloe vera and avocado make it top of the bunch for me. I hardly ever use shampoo to wash my hair these days, unless I've been for a swim or there is a lot of product build up. TRESemme Naturals conditioner is great for detangling and nourishing and it always leaves my hair feeling clean, soft and silk like. I use it on the kids too with the same amazing results. LOVE! I buy my TRESemme Naturals conditioners from Tesco, Asda, Superdrug and sometimes Willkinson, who all have great special offers on the TRESemme line from time to time.

Beautiful Textures Curl Defining Pudding

I used the Beautiful Textures Curl Control Defining Pudding a few months ago on my first ever wash and go. I was always a bit dubious about curl defining products in the past because I felt they over manipulated the hair, leaving it crunchy and dry. Not so with this product. I apply to freshly washed damp hair that has been oiled with either EVVO, JBCO or coconut oil, then I put the pudding on top. It really gives my curls a defined looked which I am confident enough to wear out in public. It also works wonders on my son's hair. I swear by it in fact. Whenever I use on his freshly washed, damp hair, his curls come to life and everyone always comments on how good it looks. Will have to post pics soon. I received the pudding in a goodie bag after attending the Beautiful Textures UK launch a few months back. I have however seen it sold in most black hair shops, so I'll no exactly where to go when I run out.

So there you have it, the products I'm currently using and loving. Which hair products are you currently relishing?

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