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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Fruit and vegetable picking at Parkside Farm

The weather over the weekend was glorious wasn't it? Talk about Indian summer. I was supposed to be going to a wedding fair with the OH, but he wanted to be outside, not inside, so I did a quick Google search and came across Parkside Farm located on the Enfield/Hertfordshire boarders.

I've wanted to go fruit picking in forever. The OH went a lot in his childhood, but I never have. I'm not quite sure what the appeal is, but I suppose I've always been drawn to wandering through meadows picking fruit from the land....ahhhhh.

Parkside Farm is lovely and they have a wide variety of crops to pick. We got there in the early afternoon, so we were a bit late for the strawberries, but there was so much more to choose from. First we picked cherry tomatoes and raspberries, then we moved onto beetroot and then juicy blackberries. There were lots of blackberries. The sun was beating down at this point and I was a bit concerned about the children because there was no shade. Thankfully I had some muslin cloths in my bag, so I wrapped them around the girls head to deflect the sun. I put my son in the buggy to keep him protected from the heat. Quick thinking Mummy alert!

All in all we loved the experience and we had a fabulous time. It wasn't too pricey either, each container we picked was weighed and cost £2 each (this was mainly because they were only a third full as the heat got the better of us!) They also have a little farm shop and picnic areas which were really handy. I was really pleased with our efforts and to top it all off on Sunday I made a delicious blackberry crumble which we had with ice cream. It was so sweet and tangy. Yum! We then used the beetroot to make carrot and beetroot juice courtesy of my Mum. It was gorgeous and so good for you too. *high five*

I'm glad I came across Parkside farm, it really gave me an insight into growing and picking your own crops and it was so liberating. We will definitely be going again.

Daddy and the girls picking cherry tomatoes

On the lookout

Look at what we've got...beetroooot!


Looking for the ripe blackberries

Blackberry crumble. Yummy!
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