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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

So brave

Daughter number 2 had her immunisation booster injections today, and brave simply doesn't begin to cover how she handled herself.

She starts pre-school in two weeks time and yesterday it suddenly dawned on me that her boosters were due. Thankfully I was able to get an appointment for today. I was a little concerned because my eldest was a bit under the weather a week or so after her booster, so I didn't want the same to happen to little sis and for it to interfere with her first few days at pre-school.

Last night I told her she'd be having her injections like her big sister and baby brother had had last year. She wasn't phased at all and seemed rather excited by the prospect. She's at that age where whatever big sis is doing she wants to be doing and more. Since my eldest handled her injections so well last year, I wasn't worried, although I did have a nagging feeling at the back of my mind. She's been a bit unpredictable lately, which I think is due to the start of school and the changes to routine, so I wondered if she was putting on a bit of a front. I couldn't have been more wrong.

This morning we dropped big sis to school came home for a bit and counted down to when we'd have to leave for the doctors. She was so eager and kept asking; 'Are we going now Mummy?' 'Is it time yet?' I was so pleased she wasn't scared, because deep down, (I hate to admit) I had a smidgen of anxiety creeping into my heart.

When we arrived at the doctors we waited patiently for her name to come up on the screen. There was a beep, her name flashed up and off we went into room 3 to see the nurse. The needles were out ready and waiting and there was my little girl grinning confidently. I sat down and sat her on my lap. I took off her jacket and the nurse asked her to turn away, but she didn't and kept looking as the needle went into her arm. The nurse was completely surprised and commented on how strong she was. Even when it was time for the second needle in her other arm, she kept her composure and watched the needle go in for a second time. After it was all over the nurse put cotton wool balls and tape over the areas and my little girl beamed a hundred watt smile.

We headed straight to the shops to get her a big bag of marshmallows (her favourite). About 5/10 mins later her arms were a bit achy and she couldn't move them as freely as she'd like, but after some Nurofen and a bit of a sit down she's in the garden with her brother and sister laughing and giggling. 

Such a big, brave girl.


Moderne Meid said...

This girl is even braver than me!! At 20 I still get very nervous around needles when getting injections or blood taken. I get nervous, sort of scared too because of the pain. But this little girl is definitely brave!! I'm glad it went smoothly x

Natalie Bea said...

Sieta thanks! I'm not phased by needles or injections so maybe it's trickled down to my girls. Hope my little man is the same when his time comes x

Charlene said...

Wow! I think she takes after her Aunty ;)

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