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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Melting hearts


Last week I blogged about reaching out to others and giving more here and here. God has really been working on me in this area and the Holy Spirit has filled me with a heart that just wants to GIVE. I am a stay at home mum of three, but I can honestly say that I give more now than I ever did when I was career girl without kids and a disposable income. It's crazy to think that back then I used to want more, but nowadays I just want to give more. And you know what? Whilst I give, the good Lord provides for my every need. Seriously my kids do not go without. Don't get me wrong, we are by no means well off, we live in a one bed flat and the kids and I split our time between the flat and my parents home, but somehow it all works out and I am at peace, despite the situation being very far from ideal. I'm telling you it is only God that can provide you with that kind of peace when everything around you appears to be so completely hopeless.

So as I was saying, in my previous post I talked about how God led me to a home for disabled and mentally ill children that is virtually on my doorstep but I didn't know existed. I got talking to the director a few days later over the phone and asked him if there was any need that my church or I could assist with, like donating clothes, supplies, anything to support the residence and staff. He couldn't think of anything off the top of his head, but said we could come in and sing Christmas carols. FABULOUS. That was until my whole family and I got super sick with the winter vomiting bug..... *sigh*

Undeterred, I bought a few boxes of mince pies and a big tin of chocolates stickered them up with some messages about Jesus and love, wrote out a card and delivered them this morning. I got the idea for the stickers from this wonderful blog here. (Thank you for the heads up Jules. Jules is the creator of The Year blog. Another fabulous read which I thoroughly recommend.) The receptionist was chuffed to receive the gifts and I let her know they were for the staff and residents. It felt so good to do something nice for people I don't know.

As I made my way to the Home, God spoke to my heart and told me to make a similar gesture for an estate agents that used to manage my flat when we lived in Leeds. The relationship ended on a sour note nearly a year a go (you know what estate agents can be like), but God said it was time to forgive and make amends and He is always right. I promptly popped into Tesco and bought another tub of chocolates and delivered them to the estate agents. The guy I used to deal with no longer worked there but I explained the situation to the new person and said there were no hard feelings and I wanted to give the chocolates as a gesture that I have moved on. I wished them all the best and told them God bless. He was really thankful and said he'd pass the message on. It was smiles all around. Wonderful..

It is so amazing how God will change your heart if you let Him. Years ago I would NEVER have imagined doing half the things I do these days. I never thought of myself as a bad person and I always thought I was the kind of girl that would go that extra mile for people and although I would, I never actively looked for it or was fully aware of the need on my doorstep. Since giving my life to Christ, it is like I have been rewired. I see need wherever I go now and I so want to help as much as I possibly can. 

By opening my spiritual eyes God has revealed to me the areas of my life that needed to change in order to be pleasing to Him and it is such a wonderful revelation. He wants us to love others as we love ourselves, even more so, and that's what I am striving to do every day with His help and guidance. God really can change you from the inside out. He is in the business of melting and renewing the hardest of hearts. 

'A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you a heart of flesh'
Ezekiel 36:26

His way sets you free. He is perfect. 

Thank you Jesus for your grace, wisdom and mercy. Praise your holy name forever. Amen.
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