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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

5 reason I know I'm a mum of three

To cheer me up after my moody post - I'm joining in with this week's listography courtesy of fab40foibles.You can join in too just write your post and add the link to the linky on Kate takes 5 blog. Easy peasy.

So I've decided to base my 5 reasons on being a mum of three. It's the first thing that came to mind and it gave me a much needed giggle too.

Image from ableafstudio.co.uk
1) I no longer call my children by their correct name's. Each child gets called the name of the other. Even my son gets called by his sisters name's often and vice versa. Too many thoughts, too little sleep, too many children, too many names.

2) I no longer really care who wears what. When I only had one child, all clothes were age and colour appropriate. Now my son unfortunately wears his sisters hand me downs. It's a good thing he can carry off pink. I've had to draw the line at t-shirts, coats and cardigans, but I've been very, very tempted. My middle child although nearly three is still being squeezed into some of her 18-24 month clothes - oh the shame.

3) My son's bottles, and baby bits stopped being sterilised when he was almost 4 months old. Compared to my daughters who had everything sterilised until way past they were one. He is none the worse for it. The days and hours I wasted sterilising flippin bottles and dummies. *rolls eyes*

4) My son co-sleeps with us often and I don't bat an eyelid because I know it will not last forever. With my eldest this fact stressed me  out immensely as I thought I would be creating big problems for us later on.  You can imagine the sheer joy when not only our eldest but also our middle daughter slept in their own beds with no problems from around 13 months. To this day they both sleep 12 hours straight and I've never looked back. I am now fervently counting down the months for baby boy to follow suit. Please God.

5) It is cause for mass celebration if a trip out can take place without incident. In my experience, venturing out is nearly always a stressful occasion. There is always one child who will not co-operate and will invariably have a meltdown.  I have learnt to grin a bare it and just get on with it.

I could carry on forever with this one but I suppose I must stop there.

So if you want to share your 5 reasons of whatever takes your fancy then just link up on Kate's blog here
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