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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Everything but the kitchen sink

I need to scatter my floors with this bunch of loveliness.
Tasty, edible and all of the five a day. Image
from healthylifecarenews.com
What is it with babies and things that are not edible, ending up in their mouth's?

I used to scoff at overbearing, yet well meaning individuals, who'd tell me to watch my babies at all times in case they snuck something past their lips they were not supposed to.

My daughters from what I can remember were pretty disinterested in this annoying yet potentially dangerous pastime.They were quite happy to pootle about taking in their surroundings, leaving things alone and generally being quite tame. Yes they would crawl up to the TV and the sky box and have a little tinker again and again and again and again. But that was about the extent of it.

My son on the other hand seems to relish putting every single little thing under the sun into his little mouth. I am forever clearing away, and keeping things out of his reach, but my boy has microscopic vision. He sees the tiniest flecks and you name it, it's going in. Tissue, pieces of paper, sweet wrappers, pieces of bamboo from a sun hat, pieces of food and crumbs dropped on the floor by my older kids, cotton buds, slippers, toothbrushes, remote controls, my glasses, pens, pencils, chalk, crayons. Nothing is safe.

Half of the stuff I don't know how he finds, but with two older daughters I don't have to think for too long. I've constantly got my fingers in his mouth trying to fish out yet another random tit bit he's managed to sneak past me.

It's starting to freak me out a bit and I'm watching him like a hawk because he really will eat anything it seems.

So despite my initial misgivings it looks like the last laugh is on me. Some babies will put everything in their mouth's, despite your best efforts to keep everything out of reach...

...oooh no must dash. baby is eating daddy's sock....again...yuck!
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