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Friday, 9 March 2012

Nappy bag woes

I need a big bag like this methinks.
Image from dinodirect.com
No matter how hard I try my nappy bag is always a disorganised mess. It is filled to the brim with things I really don't need, but I've convinced myself that I do.

Of course it should contain the essentials I need to survive when I'm out with my three small children. But items just get thrown in, often in a mad rush. So everything shambles together making it impossible to find ANYTHING, EVER!!

This morning I was rooting around the bag for vaseline to put on my middle child's chaffed nose. Could I find it? Of course not, despite seeing it yesterday.

So I end up doing the inevitable. Emptying out the dreaded bag and this is the list of the contents that were found:

2 head scarves for me???
1 pair of leather gloves mine
A bundle of tissues
My purse
2 muslin cloths
1 odd sock
7 bibs
2 burp clothes
1 pair mittens
A sandwich bag containing two crackers
2 virtually empty tubes of nappy cream without the lids
A box of bickiepegs for my teething son which contained two bickies

A pair of my eldest daughter's dirty socks
2 pairs of scratch mittens
Numerous odd/single scratch mittens???
1 pot of fruit purée
3 baby spoons
4 medicine syringes (so that's where they've all be hiding)
1 empty packet of chocolate buttons
6 pens (no wonder I can never find one when I need one)
A bottle of calpol
1 new born hat. (Why? My baby is nearly nine months)
A mini etch a sketch. (Don't ask)
2 sanitary towels (sorry if tmi. They of course were wrapped in their little package)
1 pack of painkillers for me
A selection of hair bands and hair clips
2 pots of vapour rub???
1 nappy (the one thing the bag is actually designed for conatins the least of...)

After all of that, of course I didn't find the vaseline. Typical. But at least now I know why I can never close the pesky thing, too much useless toot. I will have a thorough declutter today and will return with a lean, mean nappy bag which only contains items of use.

Yeah right!!
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