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Monday, 5 March 2012

Lego Duplo creative cakes

My girls were complaining they were bored. Luckily for them I have just been invited by LEGO DUPLO to sit on their 2012 blogger panel. Very exciting! So when the new LEGO DUPLO creative cakes set arrived it was greeted with whoops of delight and great big smiles.

'Yay! Lego for girls.' My youngest exclaimed. 'Exciting!' beamed my eldest.

I opened the box and immediately they got stuck in. A silence descended over the house as they began sorting the pieces into little piles. The colours are gorgeous. The pretty yellows, pinks, greens and browns compliment each other nicely and mimic the lush cakey treats that children (and most adults) love so much.

My daughters immediately began building towers stacking each colourful brick on top of another, finishing off with candles, meringue and cake toppers. I got involved after leaving them to play for a little bit on their own and together we began to make the cute little cake creations as illustrated on the box. Their excitement and amazement at all the bright pieces was infectious.

The following day we revisited the set and the girls got more creative. 'Mummy look at this an aeroplane' my eldest daughter exclaimed. And it certainly looked like one by the way she had arranged the pieces. I was impressed with her creativity and imagination. 'Look Mummy there is fire under the plane' as she pointed at the red blocks she had stacked the 'aeroplane' on.

My youngest built colourful towers. Counting the bricks and naming the colours as she went I've even gained an insight into her exacting ways, as every thing she made was beautifully symmetrical.

This set is providing my girls with hours of fun and it is super durable, as LEGO DUPLO always is. They are loving making and breaking their creations then making them up again. It most definitely brings out their creative side and encouraged their imaginations to run wild. Their concentration as they co-ordinated the different colours and added the pretty, cakey extras was a pleasure to watch.

I've often thought LEGO DUPLO sets to be more aimed towards boys, what with the blues and greens and male orientated figurines, but this cake set, along with all the beautiful colours completely took me by surprise and my girls absolutely loved it. I also found out that LEGO and DUPLO are completely interchangeable and fix together perfectly with eachother.

This set is definitely an all round winner, even my eight year old nephew got involved and enjoyed himself when he came over to play. You can even store the pieces in the box provided (although I do wish it was plastic rather than cardboard, because our box has been sat on a few times and no longer resembles a box lol). My girls and I really enjoyed this set and as a matter of fact we're off right now to build some more wonderful towery, cakey, areoplaney, creations.....

To find out more about this great set and more LEGO DUPLO products just click here

This is a review post. All opinions expressed are my own.
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