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Friday, 30 March 2012

I wish I was told....

The blog legend that is Natural Belle is pregnant (Congratulations Belle), and she asked everyone on twitter this week to let her know the good, the bad and the ugly of pregnancy and child birth. Well I jumped at the chance of giving my two pence worth. 

Of course each woman has a completely different take on this amazing and life changing experience. But her request really got me thinking about what I wish I was told before becoming pregnant and giving birth to my precious babies.

So here's my top ten wish list.
I should have read a manual.
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1) I wish I was told that contrary to popular belief I would not stop experiencing all day sickness at the 12 or 20 week stages, no siiireee. I would feel as sick as dog from around 8 weeks pregnant until up to a day or so after I'd given birth IN ALL THREE of my pregnancies. Yuk!!

2) I wish I was told that my all day sickness would be accompanied by the worst taste in my mouth EVER, it's simply indescribable. This awful taste will never go away (again until after birth) regardless of how many mints, boiled sweets, jalapeño peppers, olives, ice cubes, lemons I'd shove into my gob.

3) Crunching on copious amounts of ice will be the most satisfying thing EVER. It will also help to numb the yucky taste buds for a little while (yep I'm referring to that nasty taste in the mouth again)

4) You will be so tearful and tired at times you'll feel like you have a split personality.

5) Once your waters break you will not have several hours to potter about and get yourself together. Birth is imminent and by that I mean baby is coming in the next 20 minutes.

6) Gas and air is your best friend of all time.

7) Your births will be so quick you will not have time to blink.

8) When your milk comes in, your boobs will resemble two over inflated balloons. They will be as hard as rocks and so painful you'll not even be able to brush a feather past them without crying, screaming or wincing in pain. Or all three.

9) The first few weeks of sleepless nights are not too bad. Adrenalin gets you through. After that it is torture as you cling onto your sanity whilst trying to survive on only three hours of constantly interrupted sleep a night.

10) If you're on your second, third....etc, etc baby after pains will knock you for six and have you wishing you were in labour again. Well at least that pain produces a beautiful baby at the end of it. Although let's face it, you can't knock the uterus for just doing it's job and I guess the flattish tummy afterwards makes it all worthwhile. Well just about.....

So that's it, that's my take on my pregnancy and childbirth experience and the things that took me by surprise.

How does your experience compare and what things took you by surprise?
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