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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Tiny talker

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Please someone tell me. How on earth do you cope with a child who asks a million questions a day and just doesn't stop talking?

My eldest daughter is four, and already, at this tender age she could talk the hind legs off a donkey and it's driving me a little bit potty.

Of course she is my daughter and the apple of my eye, but I'm certain her constant chattering is on another level. Not to mention rubbing off onto her little sis, who has started to gain momentum in the chatterbox stakes too.

As soon as she wakes she's nattering away, asking endless questions, it doesn't seem to stop. I know inquisitiveness is the way children learn, but my daughter asks question upon question upon question and I'm getting to the point where I don't have any more answers. I don't remember my siblings or I being this chatty when we were kids.

Maybe I'm just being a meanie, but I'm sure others are starting to notice how much she has to say and how many questions she asks. It's like a Spanish inquisition and I've noticed eyes beginning to glaze over once she gets going.

Take a conversation she had with her daddy this morning;

Tiny talker: 'Daddy why do you never have breakfast at home?'

Daddy: 'Because I'm always in a rush.'

Tiny talker: 'Why are you always in a rush?'

Daddy: 'Because I'm a busy bee.'

Tiny talker: 'Why are you a busy bee?'

Daddy: 'Because bees are busy making honey and they go bzzz, and I'm busy working too.'

Tiny talker: 'Why do bees make honey and why are they busy...?'

Daddy: 'Because that's what God made them to do.'

Tiny talker: 'Why did God do that?'

Daddy at this point is probably at a complete loss and trying to think of ways he can leave the house without having to give another answer.

As you can see these conversations tend to go on and on and when you're a busy parent who has a million and one things to do, it's hard to keep your concentration long enough to indulge in the great 'Why' debate.

My sister has decided that if there are too many 'Why's', she'll just reply 'Z'.

This has my daughter in fits of giggles and satisfies her curiosity for a short while. I think
I'm going to start using this approach too. It has to be better than; 'I don't know' or a pained sigh lol...

Do you have a super talkative child? What do you do to keep sane?

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