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Saturday, 31 March 2012

What's in a name?

I've been debating whether to share this post because I was a bit down in the dumps when I wrote it. But I've come to the conclusion that it's good to share, and my dilemma may help others in a similar situation ....possibly. Anyway....

I'm still peeved that the other half completely vetoed my name choice for our son. Ever since I was pregnant with our first child I have loved the name Luca. So when I finally scraped my jaw off the floor after finding out I was pregnant for a third time and discovering it was a boy after two girls, Luca was the name I had my heart set on.

During the course of the pregnancy we felt we should probably go with a more biblical name, not least because this little boy is a blessing, of course our two girls are without question blessings too. But with my complicated pregnancy history I never thought we'd have a son.

So we changed our minds and chose a beautiful, strong biblical first name and I wanted Luca to be his middle name;

'We're not Italian' my other half scoffed. 'It's got no meaning' were the rebuttals ... 'Whatever' I'd immaturely respond.

Fast forward a few months and when we went to register the birth of our son the better half wanted a Ghanaian middle name. Now that's fair enough because the better half is mixed race English and Ghanaian and our girls have got two middle names, one of them Ghanaian - representing the day of the month they were born, so we'd have the same for our son, no issue?

Well there was an issue he only wanted one middle name and it had to be Ghanaian. No Luca for me. Looking back I feel like I was completely bullied into the decision, especially since I'd only given birth a few weeks before and my hormones were still all over the place so I didn't have the strength to argue my corner as I usually would.

Now here I am yearning for Luca , but what's in a name? Am I being silly? We have a beautiful healthy boy but this issue still keeps playing on my mind at unexpected intervals making me feel annoyed and sad. Mainly because I felt so powerless at the time.

Have you ever experienced being railroaded into something when you're at your most vulnerable only to regret it later?

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