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Saturday, 5 May 2012

The art of giving

Seriously what is the deal with the explosion of charities touting for donations in the form of monthly direct debit payments? I'm all for giving and I donate to various good causes, but this constant barrage of charities putting workers on the high street to get you to donate via your bank account on a monthly basis is really beginning to irk me.
Wherever you go, no matter which high street it may be there is a generous smattering of ever so slightly annoying individuals donning their charity overalls and clipboards wanting to procure your sacred digits.

If it's not Sky or some utility firm trying to flog me a 'deal', then it's a PPI claim company or family portrait set up trying to pester me within an inch of my life for my custom. Is it me it does this way of doing things seem completely bizarre and inappropriate? In this day and age when identity theft and credit card fraud is rife who on earth would give a complete stranger their bank details and set up a monthly direct debit on their account?

The final straw for me came yesterday evening when a young man came to my front door with his charity vest and clipboard. Before he even started talking I asked him if it was about a direct debit. He said; 'Yes' I said; 'Sorry but I'm not interested' and he left. These people are EVERYWHERE....and although it is seemingly for a good cause the sheer number of charities doing this is ridiculous.
I'm sure the success rate for this method of marketing is zero because the number of irritated/completely disinterested individuals I see trying to dodge, avoid or swat these people away is huge. Who really signs up for these things anyway and how do you know if they are legitimate or not? 
If I've got this all wrong then please someone tell me. Because it just seems so intrusive not to mention pointless to me......

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