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Monday, 14 May 2012

Birthday escapades

My little grumble about parenting being hard work, completely overlooked the post that should have been about my glorious birthday escapades.

Well lets rectify that shall we?

Right, well first off the weather was fabulous. The sun shone ALL day. The sky was blue and the clouds were fluffy and white it was divine.

The other half did disappoint me though *sigh*.  As usual I had to ask him a million times to help with the children and everything else blah, blah, blah. Really what is it with men and simple tasks??

He sort of redeemed himself when he and the kiddies gave me birthday cards and this yummy chocolate cake.

Birthday cakie

Then he ruined it again by complaining about, having a headache then not coming with us to church or the restaurant I had booked for lunch, so that left me quietly seething for a few hours. I suppose if you're sick, you're sick but his timing is appalling. At least the sun was still shining though. Unlike my mood. 

So after church my children, my nephew, sister, brother, parents and I went to Browns by Tower Bridge for lunch. We couldn't find any street parking so had to pay £3.50 an hour for a car park. Three cars, three hours. £10.50 each. Ouch. Better than getting a ticket or worse getting clamped I suppose.

I love this branch of Browns, the location is great ( the other half proposed along the river here), plus the food is hearty.  Unfortunately I have no photos of what we ate, because I was too pre-occupied with overexcited children to be able to think straight. 


I had cheese and rocket flat bread with hummus for a starter which was scrummy, followed by crab and prawn linguine which was bland, but a bit of salt livened it up, and then I had a ginger and chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream for dessert. I also treated myself to a cheeky birthday mojito which was nice but had a ton of crushed ice, so you don't get much bang for your buck. Lol.

Then back to my mum and dad's for a bit where my sister presented me with my lovely presents. Some eye-shadows and lip-gloss. She knows I want to begin taking make up seriously so she got me a few pieces for my make up bag, bless her. She'd also noticed I'd been eyeing up some cute rose bud earrings she has, so she got me  a pair too. Finally I've been hankering after satin pillowcases to help with my natural hair (It helps to reduce the friction of my hair on the pillow), so she bought me a lovely satin duvet set. I love practical presents. I'm so Taurean and my sister hit the mark with all of her fabulous gifts. Thanks sis. Mwaah.

The other half perked up, so I went and picked him up from the station and off we went to Upper Street in Islington for my second meal of the day. I was still stuffed from lunch, so wanted something light. we opted for a lovely Thai restaurant Isarn. Again I forgot to take pictures of the food. What's up with that??

I had garlic prawns for starters, the other half had crispy duck with pancakes and plum sauce. One word. Delicious. For main I had the baked Sea bass with herb sauce and jasmine rice. The other half had swordfish with a salsa type accompaniment and coconut rice. The food was gorgeous and I was gutted I had no room to finish it all or properly enjoy it because I wasn't overly hungry. We had raspberry bellinis which were really tasty and refreshing. Think the bubbles went to my head a little because I got a bit giggly. Ooops.

The other half got the bill and rather cleverly they split the cost of the meal for you, so you don't have to faff about working it out . I haven't ever seen that before and thought it was a really good idea (splitting a bill between two isn't rocket science, but for bigger parties you can see where this would be super beneficial). Obviously going dutch didn't apply to me on this occasion. Heeheee

We then mosied onto a cocktail bar called Ladybird where we had a chilli cocktail to share. I didn't like it because it really tasted of chilli. Funny that. And it was warm and fiery at the back of my throat. It was a very weird sensation. I'm used to eating hot food, but drinking it is altogether a different experience.

Then we made our way back to my folks to pick up our children. What a lovely day.

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