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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Save the date?

I've got a question. Are save the date cards a 'must' when planning a wedding?

The date for our forthcoming nuptials looks set to be Saturday 11 May 2013. Only a year to go...eeek. I really want to send save the date cards to our family and friends in the next month or so to;

 a) Give them the heads up and let them know to save the date in their diaries (obviously) 
 b) It'll make everything start to feel more real for me. Like this thing is definitely happening and the wheels are in motion.
These cards are rather lovely.

I guess the truth of the matter is that I feel like everything is losing momentum a little and I want to keep my foot on the gas. Plus my Mum told me a few days ago that one of my male cousins is getting married in May next year too, so it'll be prudent to let people know our date, so they can make the necessary arrangements required to juggle two weddings. 
I'm not close to this cousin, but it still feels like a little spanner has been thrown in the works and the exclusivity of our wedding has diminished slightly. To be honest we haven't even properly announced to the family our plans, so it all still feels surreal and I want it to start feeling REAL!!!
Anyway getting back to my cousins wedding, the plus side to that is, this may mean our guest list may reduce slightly. May sound harsh but both of our families are huge and having to leave people out feels awful, so this may ease things a little....?? Probably not.
The other half doesn't seem too fussed. I think he is dragging his feet a little, but then that's men for you. He seems to think there's no urgency and there is no way we need to send out save the date cards. May I add this is a man who is ridiculously laid back full stop,  and doesn't seem to understand the amount of planning that goes into making an event run smoothly.
He says we can leave the planning until a few months before the wedding. I say NO WAY and want to get things like the reception venue and church booked now, so at least we know the main elements are taken care of and everything else can be planned around them. He thinks I'm being too hasty and we'll end up paying over the odds if we book now, I guess he has a point, but what if we end up not getting the date we want if we wait?
To say I'm getting a little frustrated with all these annoying factors is an understatement, and we haven't even properly started yet...I've got a sneaky feeling this whole process will end up being quite painful and I had such high hopes. Groan....
Anyone else think I'm being too hasty? Should we be sending save the date cards soon, if at all? And should we get the church and reception venue booked while we're at it too?
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