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Monday, 28 May 2012

Losing things and losing it...

I don't know what's going on.

I keep losing things and it's really, really frustrating.

If it's not my things, then it's the other half's things or the children's things. The thing is, (excuse the overuse of the word thing) I could swear blind that I put everything (sorry) in a place where they are easy to recover, but when it comes to needing them again, I'm at a complete loss because they are not where I remember putting them.

I trace back my steps and rack my brains but to no avail because the sought after item has, it seems, disappeared into thin air. 
I feel like someone is playing a cruel joke on me because the number of items I've lost in the past few days is crazy; 
Some new clothes I brought for the children - found a few days later in a bag behind the bedroom door. 
The OH's house keys. These were lost yesterday, after our trip to the beach (we went to Littlehampton for the day). He put the contents of his pocket, which included his keys, on a towel whilst he went in the sea for a dip with the girls. I picked everything up and put them into the zip pocket of my bag. I found everything else but the keys are not there..... 
.....so I'm having to get a new set cut today - *groan*.
The OH's keys live here now.

I was gifted a lovely ring from Decorus Bespoke at Fashion Mist 2012. I washed my hands and the ring got wet. I took the ring off, wrapped it in kitchen towel to dry it and now I can't find that either  *boo hiss*
My lovely gifted ring (mine is on the right) is LOST.
I know it is in the flat somewhere. It WILL be found.

These incidents are only the tip of the iceberg....I'm so irritated because I feel like I'm going mad. I feel flustered, confused and like I can never locate anything despite my best efforts to be organised. The thing is, I end up finding these  lost misplaced item's 90% of the time, but when I'm no longer frantically looking for needing them. What is up with that????
The OH is always saying I'm forever moving and losing his stuff. I used to argue that this wasn't the case. These days I think I'm going to have to begin eating some humble pie.
Please tell me I am not alone. Is anyone else experiencing this? It is driving me insane!!
UPDATE ALERT - 29 May 2012
OH came home last night with his house keys. They were next to the baby's car seat in the car.  YESSS!!
Now to find my beloved ring.......it's got to be somewhere.

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